Saturday, June 22, 2013

I don't know what is right anymore?

I picked up everything from my army except for the commander.  I have been looking for a Tau commander for my NOVA list.  I was thinking of picking up a Shadowsun since the weapon loadout is what my commander is running (two fusion).  The issue is I can't get it from my FLGS.

I was thinking of going to my local GW and ordering it this week. I decided to look at Forgeworld for a good laugh after some of the Beltway Gamers said they were using them for their HQ.  What I saw shocked me.

Commander Farsight is $50 at GW. IShipping is free if I add some paint but I can have it shipped to my local GW and pay $53 with tax.  Not bad and I like the model.  It's Finecast.

TAU BATTLESUIT COMMANDER SHAS'O R'ALAI WITH DRONES from Forgeworld is $57.61 shipped and the 1% from my bank to change funds to pounds.  I really like this model and you get two drones.  It's NOT Finecast.

So, I can have a better model for $4.61 and skip Finecast.

Now, for my commander I can get the generic commander for $43.46 from my local GW.  Meh...I don't really like the model and it's Finecast and really static.

I can order from Forgeworld a XV9 with Fusion Cascades to have it as a count as a Commander with Fusion Blasters for $54.01 shipped and all.  It's $11 more but I really like the model.

This week I will order the XV9 this week.  Not sure when I am going to get the other yet.  Need a bunch of other parts for my Farsight bomb first.

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