Monday, June 03, 2013

BWG Summer Showdown 2013 - July 6th

Thats right!  The 3rd Annual Summer Showdown is here!  If you remember last years summer showdown, you will remember the crazy missions with debris falling from the sky and the world cracking apart.   In true BWG and RTT spirit, this year will we will be returning to that format (as voted on the forums).

Here are the details:

Beltway Gamers presents  SUMMER SHOWDOWN 2013
1850pt 40K RTT, 3 Rounds.  W/L scoring with VP's as tie breaker. 24 slots are available.

Sat. July 6th, 2013

Hosted by Dream Wizards in Rockville MD

Dice Roll at 11am, Event should run until about 730pm

Cost: $15 per entry to go towards prize support and raffles.  Please pre pay via PAYPAL to reserve your spot.   Send PM to Psybilliah for PAYPAL info.

Awards:   Best General, Second Best General
   Best Painted, Second Best Painted
   CYBO SKULL!!!!!!!!!!!!

ALSO:   Donate a piece of painted terrain (on a base and no smaller than 5x5 but no larger than 12x12) and receive 5 bonus points to either your Best General Score or your Best Painted Score AND you will be entered into a "I donated terrain" raffle.

FINALLY:  Prepare yourself because MARC SMITH will be the organizer and he is out to put the smack down upon any fools who are gonna get stupid.

-No Forgeworld
-No Skyshield or Fortress of Redemption
-New Eldar are in

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