Friday, May 31, 2013

The Road to NOVA: When the Stars Align

This isn't the Road to NOVA post I want to post.  I need to finish that one but have been busy preparing for the Chuck's Comics 1000pt tournament that I am running and wanted to get cracking on the two armies I am thinking of running to NOVA.

In my original post, I discussed bringing my Marines with IG allies.  Since they are just about done, I started with looking at other pieces I want to paint.  Then I picked up the Tau Codex.  I as much as I hate the Fire Warrior and Path Finder sculpts, I loved the rules.

I dusted off the limited amount of models I had and started list building.  The two things I wrestled with was I didn't want to build a list like my SM list.  That list has a few long range options (Manticore and Thunderfire) with a mass of infantry that is supported by Stormtalons.  It has a nice mix but it doesn't really translate well with Tau and why would I want to play the same list.

Mike Brandt discussed at length on the 11th Company podcast about the "Skytide" list he posted on his blog.  I like the idea but made a few modifications.  Less Kroot and replacing an Ethereal with Shadowsun to allow a Riptide to benefit from the 3d6 move.  This was nice but still too similar to my previous list.  It was more mobile and the blobs of Kroot were more of a screen than my IG blob but I need something else.

I started looking at more mech lists.  The "Skytide" build relied on three Skyrays.  While I think the Skyrays are great, there are two other items in the heavy slot that are worth mentioning.  The first is the Hammerhead.  With the railgun with submuntion and SMS, you have a nice long range threat with the ability to handle blobs.  Another good one is the Broadside.  One railgun with SMS and two HY missiles make for a way to ruin someone's day.

The nice thing about the Tau is I have had some incredible luck securing pieces I needed.  I wouldn't normally think of bringing them due to the lack of playing time.  I am now looking at having most of the pieces purchased and assembled by the end July. Hopefully, my luck will continue and I can get this done by the beginning of July and play it at the Beltway Gamer's next tornament.

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