Friday, May 10, 2013

Exploding paint and creating missions for Chuck's Brawl.

I swore I was going to get enough done on the Scout Snipers that I would be able to join the torso with the legs.  I was doing some of the metal work on the guns.  I was going to see if I can get a better color than the Vallejo Model Air "black metal" by mixing it with Vallejo Model Air "chrome".  The chrome paint has a habit of letting paint dry in the dropper.  This led to me trying to squeeze paint out with no success.  I used a toothpick to clear the passage and the paint started flowing before I turned it over (pressure I guess).  I looked down and didn't see any paint on the model surface.  A few seconds later I see paint all over the legs of one of the scouts.

I finish painting the sniper rifles (I ended up only using "black metal") and start reparing the paint job on the scout.  Luckily most of the airbrush work was untouched. They will be finished by this weekend.  Just in time for me to pick up another box.

Wednesday I played in the BWG league and after dropping 3 in a row I play Duncan and his IG.  IT was a special mission where each side had an ancient hero to protect.  It had 6 wounds but only three could be taken off by shooting and three by CC.  I managed to secure a victory by a lucky morale check.  It was a fun game mainly because I could make saves.

I finished the three missions for Chuck's Brawl.  Should be a lot of fun.  I hope the missions are fun and work at the small scale.

With NOVA being a few short months away, I am going to go ahead and start testing out some build ideas in the coming weeks.  I will restart my "Road to NOVA" posts and show what I am working on and list ideas.

That's about all at this time but should have a new post before the end of the weekend.

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