Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Distraction is the Mind Killer

Yesterday my ADD kicked in and I managed to organize the hell out of my painting area.  Mainly organizing my shelving.  I was shocked at the amount of work that got done and how much space I freed up.  Still need to get better organized but I was pretty happy.  Unfortunately, not much hobby stuff got done.

Today, I had to help my daughter with a project.  It looks like that will take up most of my week.  I did manage to get some work done on my Stormtalons.  I worked on the inking.  Mixed up more ink than I needed but it will keep.  I got one completed and a lot of work on another.

I started on two articles on my "Road to NOVA" series.  One will probably get modified based on something that I will talk about later.  One of my friends that play Warmachine weighed in on my Facebook page.  It was a decent conversation and that was then coupled with a topic on a list analysis that was on the Beltway Gamers site.  The post will deal with networking and how it is a big part of list building and preparing you for tournaments and creating your lists.

I got an email from Nate (Crash Test Dummy) who runs the Warmachine/Hordes events at NOVA.  He was interested in Eldar and thought it would be cool to have mini-slow grow challenge.  He will paint up Eldar (and they will look awesome) and I plan to start Tau.  We'll have a few low point games to learn the armies and build up from there.  It's another fun way to build an army and stay engaged.  I plan on building an end state army and then working back from that.


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