Monday, May 06, 2013

1000 Point Space Marine vs. Eldar/Dark Eldar

"The Mik" came over for a quick game on his way back up to New Jersey. I played the following list against his Eldar/Dark Eldar:

5 Terminators
2x Scouts with Sniper Rifles
2x Stormtalon with Skyhammer Missiles
2x Thunderfire Cannons

Mission: Modified Scouring - 3pt in the middle, 1 pt in one square on each deployment zone, 2 pt in one square on each deployment zone.

I don't know the exact list Mik had but lets go on to deployment.    With Lysander and two Tech Marines, I could bolster three ruins and I did.  Two snipers squads and a TF on left flank with the terminator and Lysander in the center with the remaining TF in the left ruins.

Mik deployed large troop blocks on left and right ruins.  Venom, Falcon and Harlequin squad in the middle.  I don't have a shot of his deployment but you can see this shot with me moving up.  I fire a few shots and shoot the Subterranean shots from the TFs.  I kill two of his guys.   

He shoots back.  Nothing really happens. He fires the Falcon at the Terminators.  His Harlequins get in the venom. 

Round two, both Storm Talons enter. Terminators move up and kill and few more guys.  Talons blow up the venom and shoot at the Falcon.  This was after I fire both TF.  Bad move.  

His turn two sees his DE HQ and squad deep strike mishap back into reserves.  His DE fighter came in and fired without doing anything.  Moves up harlequins and fires at the terminators.

Turn three, I fly my yellow stormtalon off the board.  Move the other over.  I move a squad of snipers to get a better view of the combat.  I move up the terminators to the top of the hill and kill some more Harlequins. 

He moves forward with the Harlequins and the fighter.  DE drop in and shoot up the TF.

Turn four, I blow up some of his nicely placed DE with the TF.  I wipe out the Harlequin squad and move in the Stormtalons. 

He moves in his fighter again and immobilizes his Falcon.  He kills a terminator and a few more snipers.  He then charges the snipers.  I challenge and only lose the Sergeant.  I break but he catches me and fighting continues.  He does a HP to the blue Stormtalon.

Turn 5, I prepare to take out his troops.  The terminators charge and kill his warlord.  The Stormtalons maneuver in hover mode and hurt his remaining troops.

He takes out some snipers with the spinner and kills the squad in CC.

We decided to call it there since I had the advantage and he had to hit the road.  Fun game.

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