Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Secret Weapon Miniatures: Congrats! Your Going to be Broke!

Actual email to Mr. Justin:

Dear Mr. Justin,
When I missed out on your limited offer for a tablescape board on Kickstarter (who would have thought they would sell out in an hour), I thought I could resist.  I was doing so well until you posted those city street renders. I ordered a 4x6 because you need a full table worth.  If they are half as good as your bases, you will make me a very poor man.
Thank you,
In the time that I decided to make the leap from "I can wait till they are available to the public" to "MUST HAVE NOW!!", the Tablescapes kickstarter jumped another $1000.  

I would love to mix and match with the damaged city streets when they reach that level.  I have always wanted a city fight board and this would allow me to have that.  Damn them and their good terrain.  Trench Works is another one that looks too good to pass up. 

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  1. I'm waiting for someone to make a good Zone Mortalis/ Space Hulk sort of thing. The real ones are just way too expensive.