Saturday, April 20, 2013

Hobby Updates: What to Play?

On the hobby front, I have a lot going on.  I have been slowly adding new parts to my SM army but plan on changing the paint scheme.  I am picking up from where I left off with the BT Crusade I was working on and moving over to Imperial Fists.  I plan on having a larger degree of black in the army.  Currently on the bench is the second of two Thunderfire Cannons while two more Stormtalons and LR Crusader waits in the wings.

I haven't forgotten my lovely Alpha Legion CSM.  I plan on finishing the blood work on one of my Maulerfiends and my Spawn.  I will be using UHU glue and my blood mixture to add some nice blood effects.

You start with pouring some of the blood mixture out on a plate and then mix a little of the glue with a tooth pick.  You can then add it in strings where ever you like.

Here are a few completed models.

While I have the blood ready, I finished the remaining Oblitz  I still have a metric ton of cultists that I need to finish but this is a good start to having an almost fully painted CSM army.

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