Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Chuck’s Comics 40k Rumble in Downtown Essex!

Chuck’s Comics 40k Rumble in Downtown Essex!(Berk’s Assault Style Event)

“An anomaly has appeared in the warp. Psykers from all around begun to sense it’s pull. Fleets have navigated through the warp to reach the Hive World of Maryland. Where fleets battle each other above the planet while launching devastating salvos onto the planet’s surface in preparation for their own beachhead.”
Chuck’s Comics is looking to expand their gaming community and get the word out about the shop. This is their second event this year and they are planning more. This is going to be a quick and dirty battle for supremacy. We are pirating the Berk’s Assault format because it works and is a lot of fun. We will also have custom missions for each round that is tied to the theme of planetary conquest and invasion.

Chuck’s Comics
530 Eastern Blvd Essex, MD 21221
Date: June 1st
When: Doors open at 11 and dice roll at noon.
Points: 1000
Rounds: Three 90 minute rounds
Max Number of players: 20
Cost: $10 (a 100% paid out as store credit)
Info/PayPal/List Submission: Klendathu(at)Gmail(dot)Com
PayPal the above address for registration.

Prize Support (Percentage of the Pot):
1st - 50%
2nd - 30%
Best Sportsman - 20%
Smoking Boots - Free admission into Chuck’s next 1850 event.

NOTE: Chuck’s gives a 10% discount on all gaming product. You can play a few games and then buy some product. Discount does not apply to store credit.

More Info:
If we are below 15 participants, battle points will determine winner. Otherwise, it’s best record.
Lists do not have to be in prior to game day but bonus battle points will be issued if turned in prior.
Up to 5 battle points if you field a painted army (rules for this go up prior to the event).
Table size will be 4x4.
Deployment will be Dawn of War.
Custom scenarios tied into the theme of the event.
Painting not required.

Force Organization Chart will be modified as follows and includes all additional support units form allied detachments.

HQ: 1-2 (all codexes), NO HQ may have more than 200 points per HQ position. Retinues attached to an HQ may have no more than 200 points total. Yes, that is 200 points per HQ slot.

Example: a HQ can be 200 and spend 200 on a retinues.

Troops: 2+ All units must be at 300 points or less. (Dedicated Transports do NOT count towards that limit, and also have a points limit of 300 points each)

Elite: 0-2: Each unit has a maximum points value of 300 points.

Fast Attack: 0-2: Each unit has a maximum points value of 300 points.

Heavy Support: 0-2: Each unit has a maximum points value of 300 points.

Fortifications: 0-1 Maximum points value 150 points. No SkyShield Landing Pad

(These totals include any allied detachments, so you may not have any more combined than 2 of each: HQ, Fast Attacks, Elites, and Heavy Support Units).

* ONLY GW standard Codexes allowed, most current version. Sisters of Battle use their most recent version printed in White Dwarf. A new codex must be available by May 1, 2013 to be used at this event.

* NO Forge World or Imperial Armor rules are permitted for this event


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