Friday, March 01, 2013

Warhammer 40K: RTT prep

Chuck's Comics just expanded their gaming space and is having a small RTT to break it in.  I have been prepping guys to take.  I plan on trying out a list I plan to use for the BWG Spring League.  It's different from my typical play style.  It's more in your face.  Not sure how it will work out but I included some of the pics from the work bench.

All pics are before any washes and I think the green is too bright.  I plan to tone it down a few notches with some GW green wash and possibly some Secret Weapon Miniatures soft body wash. 

The Oblitz were bought as part of a set and the guy was missing most of the weapons so I decided to go ahead and take extra bits to replace them.

Sorry about the pic.  Cultist in the front and converted Fleshhounds (Spawn) in the back.

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