Sunday, March 17, 2013

Hobby Sunday: Procrastination, Daemons, Unification Wars and "For the greater good!"

One of the problems I have is my ADD causes me to get board and jump a round a lot hobby wise.  I have a slew of projects that aren't done, aren't started, or I really want to do.  The hobby side of war gaming is how I relax most nights.  This causes me to get board with a set of models and move onto the next project.  Leaving many in various stages of completion 

There are a few things that jump at me:

Deathjack - It needs priming and since it's metal, I like to use spray primer.  The weather didn't hold this weekend.

Infinity - I started base coating a few but went back to my CSM.

CSM - Making a lot of progress.  Since this will probably be my NOVA army, I am happy with the progress.  I have a bunch of cultists and a sorcerer on a bike to do.

Belial - He is cleaned but nothing more.

IG - Two Griffons need to be painted and a few IG.  Plus a Vendetta that is still in the box.

Tyranids - The Hive will eventually reawaken.

The list goes on.  So what am I going to do today?  Prime the last arm for my Khorne lord, prime the bike for my CSM sorcerer, and prime ten Tau.  On the bench I have 10 cultists that need to get done for my league/tournament build.  There is also the CSM sorcerer on a bike.

I did say Tau and I will get to that later.  Next up is Daemons.  I got a copy of the Codex and started looking at them as allies for my CSM.  Pretty sweet book so far.  I really like a few things I read.  Gonna work up a few ally lists and probably paint up the demonettes I have soon.

Unification Wars is less than a week away.  Todd over at SincaiN40k lent me the IG I needed.  I forgot a AC unit at his house but I can manage without it.  Going to have the Khorne Lord done by then.  It should be a fun event.

I had a bunch of Tau from a ways back.  We have all heard that Tau is coming next month.  I sold most of my Tau to a friend.  My oldest daughter found the box of left over Kroot and Firewarriors and wanted them.    I have a special entry about painting ten of these with something special for added flavor.  More on that later...

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