Sunday, March 03, 2013

Chuck's RTT: Final Thoughts

Chuck's Comics RTT is over and came in second with a record of 1-1-1.  Pretty bad but since it went by battle points, I loss by 3 points (46-43).   I love Chuck's but unless they add two more tables and get more skilled people in this will be my last time attending.  Todd runs a fun event but the guys showing up need to play more games.  The players will nice but most wouldn't take advice and got frustrated due to watching their toy soldiers die.

I only took a pic of my display board and my initial setups.  I was pretty disheartened by the effort at which the other players put forth and was bummed.  Todd took some pics and I will link to them later.

Round 1 versus Necrons (Tom Hitz):  Loss 11-7

I play Thom every time I show up at Chuck's and several times at my house.  He had a Imotek list with three Night Scythes, a immortal squad, aegis with quad, destroyer lord with wraiths (whatever they are called), and scarabs.

Fighting was mainly in one quarter of the board.  I loss due to a few things.  I didn't try to get my "traitor" to his side of the board and he did.  I didn't kill his warlord.  I should have doubled up on the two objectives on my side.  If I would have held the objectives on my side, I would have had two points.  If I would have double measured the separation from my Khorne Lord and the spawn I would have possibly got two or three additional points.  The loss was on me.  That and the drakes died the first time they were fired at.  Thom was a good opponent and fun to play.

Round 2 versus IG (Lurch): Win 36 - 0   

Lurch was a nice guy.  He deployed a squad of Russ tanks in the center deployment.  Deathstrike ML on his left and a plasma tank of some sort on the right.  He then deployed ratling snipers in the center.  Three valks loaded with troops were in reserve.  Center objective was a forcedome (4++) and the other two objectives (center right and center left) used the mysterious woods rules.  By turn two he had a tank left and I held two objectives.  Turn three I had all the objectives and was chasing around his valkyries.  I lost 4 miniatures total.  Two due to plasma over heat and he killed two cultists.

Round 3 versus Space Wolves (John): Draw 0 - 0 

This event had a bastion and you needed to have a troop touching the door to control it and the quad gun.  Only other VC was Slay the warlord.  It was called at round 5 for time.  He had Logan and a squad of three terminators and squad of one left.  He killed two maulerfiends, sorcerer and chosen.  A few spawn and two squads of cultists died but nothing noticeable.  He could have won by dropping his pod next to the objective and rolling out.  He did not.  He dropped it behind my line and I tied up his terminators till round 4.  I should have deployed the chosen out of the Rhino and used it to ferry cultists to the objective.  I should have went for Logan with the Khorne Lord.  The only two win conditions were to control the objective and slay the warlord.  Not much I could have done in this case.  Getting called on 5 cost me the game but that's part of it.

What did I learn?  Wilson was right and the Telepathy powers rock.  Equip the lord with the Axe of Blind Fury.  I also have to remember the Soulblaze my opponents.  

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