Friday, March 22, 2013

40k: DropZone's Unification Wars GT

Tomorrow is DropZone's first 40k GT and I am coming down with something.  I blame the change of the seasons.  I am also behind on a lot of what I need to get done.  Not that I am so far behind that it will change my lists but I was hoping to have some more models done.

What will I be working on this evening?

Touch ups mostly will take the majority of my time.  I have a few models to put some wash on.  Mainly the gun of the Khorne Lord.  I need to make some more blood.  I need lots of gore.  Going to try some UHU glue to make some effects with the blood.  I need to add some pigments to my second fiend and get him glued to the base.

My IG need some work.  I need to fix one AC set.  I really wanted to have more done with the tanks but that will be the last thing I work on.  It really just needs some wash but since I want to use pigment washes it may wait until after the tournament.

Since the GT starts really early, I need to make sure I pack prior to going to bed.  Because I have a habit of forgetting everything, I make every effort to get everything packed and loaded the night before.  If not, I usually forget something.

I will do my best to post some pics and try to write a little about each match. 

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