Friday, February 08, 2013

WIP: Huron Blackheart Alpha Legion Edition.

"The Imperium is a weak old man, ready and waiting to be broken apart by his vengeful sons." - Huron Blackheart

Been working on my new list for BWG Final Fight Tournament.  Doing straight CSM.  After my mixed CSM/IG list was successful but wasn't as fun as I first thought.  The one thing I liked was the Master of Deception warlord trait I rolled.  Running up with two squads of CSM and having the Heldrakes wreck shop got me thinking.  I like Master of Deception.  My two choices were Ahriman and Huron.  Huron was much cheaper even with a comparable sorcerer.  

Of course, I had to start painting one.  I still have some minor work to do.  Going to tone down his skin color and paint the straps on the axe.  Other than that, I am pretty pleased. 

I need to add some battle damage on the armor and possibly the Alpha Legion symbol.

The mix on the left is water effects with clear red and GW Oil wash.  The one on the right is missing the water effects

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