Monday, February 18, 2013

Review: Badger Renegade Krome and Minitaire

Well I finally got my Minitaire paints and decided to bust out the new Badger Renegade Krome.  I purchased the Krome to perform the fine detail work that my Paasche Talon couldn't really do.  I did a nice unboxing video and for some reason the entire video is a blur.  So no unboxing or anything like that.

I tried the Renegade Krome out with both Model Air and Com-Art paints initially.  It worked as expected.  Fine lines and detailed work on my Oblitz.  Then I decided to work on my Alpha Legion cultists.   I picked out a few paints.  Primary for the color scheme is blue and green.

The Renegade Krome has been working like a dream.  I have been able to get paint in the smallest spaces without worry of over spraying.  The addition of the plastic support actually makes it rest comfortably in your hand.

For the green, I used envy green for the base and gremlin green for the highlight.
 Since the blue was going to be a primary color in my Alpha Legion army, I went with lagoon blue for the base, spellslinger blue for the highlight, and royal blood for the shadows.

I used blue first.  I was impressed with how it flowed.  I only have one issue and it was only visible when I looked at one of the photos.  I plan on using the GW glaze to bring the colors together (or maybe the blue ghost tint).  I still need to fix some errors I made but I really like the colors and how they go together.

Next I used green.  I was having major issues with dry tip with the envy green.  I think it wasn't mixed well enough.  That could be because they didn't include a BB to mix the paint.  It wasn't a big issue.  I have ordered a bag o' BBs from Amazon to remedy this.  Just a minor nuisance.

I have to say the coverage of the paint is great even on black.  The only negative is the lack of an agitator to mix the pigment.  Not a huge problem but something to think about.  I will (and have) be recommending these paints and airbrush to anyone that will listen.  I think I need to get a new compressor and a lot more lighting but at least I have a winner when it comes to paints and the new airbrush.

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