Sunday, February 03, 2013

Hobby: New Arrivals and Getting Tournament Ready

Haven't gotten much in the way of gaming the past two weeks but that looks to change very soon. Next week is a kill team event and Beltway Gamers Final Fight event.  Plus I got a new airbrush and some of the new Minitair paints.  More news after the break...

I had a rematch scheduled versus Cyto (from BWG) for Wednesday.  Wouldn't you know that my little one had  a Chorus show that night and we were notified the day before.  Way to go!  So I canceled and worked on my display board and a few Havocs with AC.

Wyn Wyn ( finally delivered my new airbrush and some of the Minitiar paints.  I only bought a few colors and I bought them prior to seeing the colors palette.  I took a chance and got two colors I really don't need at this second but a few others that can be put immediately in action.  I went and ordered a complete set since they started selling them after I put my original order.

Despite having more demand than they expected, I have to say Wyn Wyn delivered in the customer service department.  They quickly answered each email I sent and explained why it was taking so long.

I want to also say that Ken from Badger was also very helpful.  He chimed in and took the blame for the delay.  Granted, it is easy to take the blame when your product out sold initial estimates and they offered holiday sales to separate us from our holiday cash.  Taking the time to let customers know why there is a delay makes for happy customers.  Silence usually makes people wonder and go crazy.  They both did the opposite.  I applaud them and will be purchasing in the future.

But enough about customer service.  I plan on doing a review of both the paints and the airbrush in the near future (next week-ish).  I did take the Velocity Chrome out for a spin.  It is nice.  I used for the highlights on some Oblits I am working on.  The line was so thin that I didn't initially see it.

Finally, I am getting ready for the Chuck's Comics Kill Team and Beltway Gamers Final Fight at Dream Wizards this week.  Not sure what I am bringing to the kill team.  I am also still finalizing my list for Saturday.  I know for the Tournament I will be taking CSM.  Not sure if I am going to do allies with IG or just straight CSM.  I am leaning on just CSM.


  1. The board is looking a little too deliberate to me. I'd work on making the dryburshing look more random and maybe brush some wash over the texture on the road to get in the cracks. It's coming along nicely! I think Scotty B is going to play in the Kill Teams so that will be cool.. 8)

    1. Yeah...ganna wash the street tonight. I'll try to randomize it a little more on the dirt. Of course there are a lot of bodies on the the board now. The center is the only clear area and that is dominated by the Chaos temple. :)

      See you Friday. Not sure what I am playing. Just something to kill Thom I suppose.