Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Hobby: Buying Discounts and "You mean like a BB?"

I noticed an interesting trend...buying discounts.  There are plenty of online stores that offer great deals but many of them charge shipping or require you to wait to get it.  They also take from the places that actually give you table space.

Beginning of the month Beltway Gamers announced a partnership with our home store Dream Wizards.  For $10, you get a card that gives you 10% off of GW/PP merchandise.  Last week, Chuck's Comics (my second home) offered $20 for 20%.  Both good for a year.  Since I try to buy some stuff from each when I have a big project, I picked up one of each.

With the number of people that complain about stores not giving discounts (but you still play in), I think this is a welcome sight.  Better than charging for tables.  Makes those impulse purchases less painful.

Lastly, a friend asked about a comment I made on my blog post about Minitaire paints.  He asked about putting a BB in the paint to aid in the mixing of it.  I wanted to show some pics of the paint pre-shaken.  While the BB may not be necessary, it saves a lot of effort.

The "gold" is stuck at the bottom.  Took awhile to mix it even with the BB.

Ditto on the Gun Alloy

Cracked leather (pre-shake)

Mummy pre-shake

 I should have some pics of the models in another post.  Been relying heavily on the airbrush to get most of the cultists done.  Been happy with how they have been coming along.  I can't wait to show them off.


  1. Gaming stores not providing a discount? What kind of draconic-ruled state do those people live in. I jest.

    Seriously if I ever encountered a store that didn't offer some sort of discount I would blink in disbelief. Guess I'm fortunate where I live. Stores press the discount on you. Don't blame them. If they can get someone to purchase a 10% for 10$ for a year and that person only buys one thing they win.

    On a related note. I've started making GW paints into airbrush paints. The separation is crazy. Buddy suggested to use BB, ball bearings, haven't tried them yet. Thanks for the info that they help a little bit.

    Keep up the great work, Sean. Looking forward to those Chaos Cultists!

    1. There were a few sales at a few stores but it was either random or once a year. Most of the brick and mortar couldn't touch the Warstore or Miniature Market discounts. I usually got a discount at Chuck's because I knew the guys working. I support it because these are the places that let me play outside my basement. MD/VA has a large amount of stores now and I think competition is getting fierce.

      BB works great. A few guys here use GW paint with great success. I am way too lazy/sloppy to do it. It would help with assuring the colors match across the board.

      I should post some pics of the cultists this evening or tomorrow. Prepping them for a small RTT at Chucks. Plus I have a few other WIPs to show. I have been pleasantly surprised at how easily it was to magnetize the arms for the Khorne Lord.