Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Beltway Gamers FIRST BLOOD 2013

UPDATE: I was reminded that this is the FIRST BLOOD and not the Final fight.
BWG had their first tournament of 2013. It was a blast.  Well run as always and people were pretty calm and level headed.  Once again it was a packed house and a lot of great players were present. 

Besides the standard 1st and 2nd places, they had best painted.  Even better than that, they had the much coveted, Cyboskull.

This was the prize for being the worst of the worst.  It was my goal for this event.  Since my previous BWG tournaments were 1-1-1 and 0-3, I thought I had a good chance.

I went with this list.  I received much heat by playing double Heldrakes but I suck and need the extra help.  The scenarios weren't the normal BWG scenarios.  They were play testing the Colonial GT. More after the break.

Pic by Marc "Can a brother get a 6?" Smith

My first match was against the one, the only Daemon Green.  I knew I was getting a 1 in the loss column from the start.  Daemon ran the following:

3 Thunderfire cannons
2 bike squads with MM
3 TLAC Dreads
DA Librarian on a bike
DA Scouts
DA Darkshroud

Round 1 was night fighting with a chance to last each round after.  It lasted three rounds which helped me out.  Three Thunderfire cannons are the suck.

I managed to lose but got first blood by downing a dread.  The Sorcerer didn't make his points but he did very well in causing some havoc. I didn't have an answer for the cannons.  While I avoided being tabled

Pic by Marc "Can a brother get a 6?" Smith

Pic by Marc "Can a brother get a 6?" Smith
Round two was against a nice guy who had some really bad dice rolls.  He had a custom chapter from Codex: Space Marines.  This scenario had each player naming a messenger and you received bonus for killing your opponent's messenger, yours surviving, and tabling your opponent.  Primary was two objectives in each deployment zone and secondary was having your messenger 3" from an objective.  Tertiary was eliminate your opponent.

He ran the following:

1 Bastion w/Icarus
Chapter master
2x 10 man tactical squad Las/Plas
10 man assault squad with jump packs
Devastator squad w/ HBs
A rhino
(I may be missing more)

I knew he was going to have trouble with my list because mine was designed to deal punishment on marines if everything worked. While I didn't have the both my Sorcerer and blob outflank, the sorcerer did well with the Oblitz.

He kept his command squad on the top of the bastion and made it easy to flame.  I managed to force a plasma team off the board in round one.  He got his reinforcement and decided to "Go big" placing the jump pack squad next to my objective and the cultists.  He deviated and rolled a 1 on the mishap.

He remained undaunted.  He used his Chapter Master to drop an orbital bombardment on Huron.  It scattered and killed 4 cultists.  At this point, I didn't want to roll any more or have him roll.  His dice were trying to kill him. I tabled him and held both objectives.

Pic by Marc "Can a brother get a 6?" Smith

Pic by Marc "Can a brother get a 6?" Smith

Round three was against Madd Mike and his "Twilight" army  Space Wolves and Blood Angel allies.

This event had a random battlefield effect and ours was night fighting.  I remember even less about his list because he took it with him by accident but here goes:

Rune Priest
3 x 10 longfangs w/MLs
2 terminators
scout squad w/ sniper rifles
BA Librarian
BA Deathcompany

This game was called because of the time and it started late.  It ended too soon.  His terminators were behind my aegis defense line.  One killing cultists.  The other doing enough to not die to Huron.

He killed the Oblitz and Sorcerer but didn't have an answer for the drakes.  He sent my 10 man running with his death company but started getting mowed down by the 20 man and the drake.  The end could have went any where but I suspect his experience would have just had him win any way.

This was a fun game because it would go back and forth.  I killed the warlord but he got first blood and line breaker.

This was a fun event and I can't wait for their next one.  The TOs were top notch and really helpful.  I am going to make some changes to my list.  I think the Havocs didn't live up to expectations in any of the matches.  Round two they did some stuff.  Round one they took shoots the last few turns and were worthless in round 3.

Results are here.  I was tied for 13th with Call of Doobie.  I feel good about the losses since they came from 1st and 3rd place.

Here are some more pictures thanks to Marc "Ya Man" Smith.

That is real water.

This army was excellent looking.  My favorite.

I liked this a lot

Wilson's Huron

My round two match.  I didn't even see Marc snapping this pic.

Ed and his CYBOSKULL!!!!

Some of my prep pics (Still a lot of work to be done):


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