Thursday, January 03, 2013

Local Tournament: 3rd Annual BWG First Blood

Beltway Gamers is having their 3rd Annual First Blood Tournament. This is the group I normally game with and are a pretty cool group. Details below and sign up thread is here:

3rd Annual BWG First Blood

When: Sat Feb 9th, 2013 - Registration starts at 10:30am

Where: Dream Wizards - 11772 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852

What: Warhammer 40K 6th Edition Tournament. 24 Players. 1850 Points (allies, fortifications, and 40k approved forge world allowed) 3 Rounds, 2.5 Hours per round. Prizes are Best General (1st and 2nd), Best Painted (1st and 2nd), Best Sportsman, and the infamous CYBO SKULL!!!!!!!!, Also, back by popular demand.... LOSERS RAFFLES between each round!!!

Cost: $10 Per Player (to go towards prizes and raffles)

Crazy BWG Twist: If you bring a piece of painted terrain to be donated to the club (no bigger than 12x12 but no smaller than 4x4) you will get 10 Extra Victory Points towards your Best General Score OR 5 Extra Points towards your Paint Score. Please see a T.O. at sign in the day of to document this.

-40K 6th Edition rules will be in play (minus the mysterious terrain and objectives).
-All currently released 40k codex's may be used. DA may be used if it receives a FAQ prior to the tournament.
-40k approved is allowed if you have the model or a conversion as well as a copy of the rules (actually 5 copies are needed on paper to be given to opponents and the T.O.'s).
-Allies are in.
-Fortifications are in (minus Fortress of redemption).
-Tables will be pre set with terrain and all fortifications must be arranged and/or fit completely outside of any terrain set on table (or it cannot be used and you will forfeit the points for it).
-Models DO NOT need to be painted to play(though you will not be eligible for Best Painted awards). Conversion are good, "counts as" is okay but please check with T.O. if you have a question.

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