Monday, January 07, 2013

Hobby: I am Alpharius

I managed to get a big chunk of the base work done on the Chaos army.  The weather was great Sunday and I managed to prime my Oblitz and about 30 CSM.  The weather this weekend is supposed to be even better.  I plan to get the IG I need primed done.  

I got another game in this weekend with Todd over at Sincain40k.  It was brutal for him in the beginning and the middle but he pulled it out in the end.  Mainly due to some last minutes heroics  We did have a ruke issue in the last fight but we decided to table a rules issue and handle it later.  Would the rule have won me the game?  Maybe or Maybe not.  I tend to believe it would have been not.  I had a Sorcerer going up against Mephiston and I would have needed a nice roll for Warp Speed, then a nice too hit roll, wounds and he would have needed to fail his saves.  

The rule issue was could I even cast Warp Speed in CC.  He was willing to let me but in the interest of time I skipped it.  He beat the Warlord and then killed the squad.  We tied on objectives and he had 2 bonus to my 1.  The next day we both agreed that the Blessings and Maledictions are both legal in CC.  

The big thing I got from the match was what changes I need to make for the BWG tournament.  Todd is a great opponent and makes some kick ass lists.  This was one of many tune-up matches.  The guys at BWG gave me some ideas and I ran with them.  This helped solidify some things and change others.  I think I will have a nice list going into that event.  

Abaddon looks on.

I couldn't get the right shoulder done properly so I plan on turning it into battle damage.

Huron Blackheart part of Alpha Legion?  Or maybe a brilliant disguise.  I bought the model and decided to make it a Champ.
Daemon Prince of Khorne.  I have some touch up I need to do but  I think doing the actual detail work will ease the clash of colors.  

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