Sunday, January 13, 2013

Hobby: Getting Old Sucks Plus DA Release and Some Daemon Prince Pics

I am approaching my 39th birthday in just a little over 7 months.  I have gained plenty of weight (although I am fighting back against that) and I have lost most of my hair (I blame my kids for that).  The one thing I have been able to retain is my 20/16 vision.  Every few years I go to the docs and they tell me how great my vision is.

When I started painting about two years ago, I would take pics of my models.  I would be proud of each one no matter how bad it was because it would be better than the last.  The one thing I would notice is that the pictures always took me by surprise.  How could I miss that?  The pic would show a great big mistake.  Either I would miss something or painted over too much.

At Games Day, I member of the gaming club at the Columbia GW was talking about the model he entered into the Golden Daemon.  He held up a pair of glasses and said he bought magnifying glasses to make sure it would look good when photo'd by an HD camera.  His model did look good.  Much better than the bronze winner.  In fact, I had him and Todd fighting it out for that spot but it didn't come to pass.  His words kept ringing in the back of my mind.

As I work to paint up my CSM, I keep seeing things I missed.  Sloppy work in all aspects of the hobby: prep and painting. Today I broke down and bought a pair of magnifying glasses.  +2.50 to be exact.

It took me a while to get use to wearing them.  My wife and daughter both wear glasses.  My daughter even stopped as she was walking by to ask if I was wearing glasses and made a comment about my better than perfect vision.  All I could say is aging sucks.

Working on the Daemon Prince, I could see a lot of areas where I screwed up.  I have started correcting them.  I can say that I didn't do the prep work on this model.  It was actually part of a collection I bought.  My initial work on it looks pretty good by my standards.  A lot of stuff needs to be done.  I have been splitting time between this and my last heldrake.  It will be slow but will get done.

Dark Angels came out this week.  I bought the physical codex and Belial.I have him cleaned up and in a baggy waiting for me to finish the CSM.  Truthfully, I will probably use him as a model to break up painting a ton of guys.  

The book so far is a good read.  I noticed a few things:
  • They only have Flyers.  Not Flyer/Hover. Dark Talon does have "Hover Strike" but that is not the same.  Nephilim has "Strafing Run" which is cool.  11 armor all around is going to make it really fragile.  
  • No more terminators as troops for allies. 
  • Tac Squads are da bomb.   Flakk missiles and point costs make these really attractive.  
  • Razorbacks are more expensive but their weapon costs went down. It evens out in the end.  
  • Deathwing Assault is pretty cool.  
  • New speeders are the suck

That's all I have for tonight.

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