Sunday, January 20, 2013

Heldrakes: Turning the tide since 2012

Played a game to start tuning my 1850 list.  I played Cyto (one of the BWG) and his Blood Angels with Dark Angels allies.  I ran this list to see how it would work.  I ran a similar earlier against Todd (SincaiN40k) with his BA/IG and it did well.

Cyto dropped two pods with flakk and flamers dreads in front of the IG.  The IG were wiped out in a about a turn.  Turn 1 and 2 looked like I was going to be tabled.  The Oblitz were doing a good job hurting things but then the drakes started coming in.  Turn 2 I had one and the DP.  First thing is I really need to learn how to assault.  The DP had a series of bad rolls and wouldn't make it through turn three.  He never claimed his points back.

Back to the drakes.  They turned the game around.  Dropping hate where ever they went. I was able to infiltrate my rhino squads into his deployment zone and with the Oblitz closing in.  The drakes were killing marines over and over again.  FnP was the only thing saving them.

I have another configuration I am working on.  Dropping the IG and going straight Chaos with Huron.  At 2k, I will be running three drakes.  The changes in the FAQ makes them essential.  I can't see having three at 1850 but I can see the utility.

I may have a game this Thursday and a rematch the week before the BWG tournament.  I will post the list and how it works after I get the tests done.

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