Sunday, January 13, 2013

Customer Service? It Still Exists?

Over a week ago, I placed an order for a new airbrush to replace my Renegade.  Let's just say I was rather rough with the brush and damaged it.  I have been relying on my generic ebay special, a Badger Anthem and my Paasche Talon for a number of months.  I like the Talon as my detail brush but I have had my eye on Renegade Chrome.

Searching the interwebs, I saw a special from on The Wargamers Consortium.  It got me a decent discount on the brush and I picked up some of Badger's new line of paint, Minitaire.  After I put the order in, I started hearing of shortages on the paint.  A week goes by and I email and get a response apologizing but stating that the demand has outstripped the supply.

Two days later, I receive a nice form email from Ken over at Badger apologizing for their delay in supplying paints and brushes.  I have heard of Badger being very proactive with reaching out but this something new. Considering I spend a good part of my day at work yelling at vendors for not supplying me the service I paid for.

While I am still without my new brush and paints, I can at least know that they took the time to cover their retailer (if it is a retailer and not really a Badger front..hmmm) and to at least tell the customer that something is happening.  Thank you.  Now get the hell back to filling those bottles of paint.

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