Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Confluence Crusade: Two Steps Forward. One Back

Today was not a good hobby day. I set down and didn't like the way I applied the black to the pauldrons. Then I experimented with the yellow and messed up one pauldron and noticed a few others were damaged by the primer. They are now soaking in some paint stripper.

The rest I were working were airbrushed again and prepped for this weekend.

In other news, I finished Legion. It was a great book. I will leave it at that. Makes me wonder if I really want to make them when Chaos is released. Who knows.

I hope Friday is a better day for my Templars.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Confluence Crusade: Silky Smooth Colors

I read awhile back on a hobby blog from Privateer Press about using inks to water down colors.  I have been trying it out with some pretty nice success.  It's not any real difference than what people do with water.  It just keeps the color pretty much the same strength.  I have tried yellow/yellow ink and recently black/black ink.

 It offers a nice blend with less effort.  Is it better? I don't think I am skilled enough to make this call. I just know it is easier and requires less to cover. 

Confluence Crusade: Status

I have been bad with taking pics of what I have been working on.  While I still have a LRC and a speeder in their box sitting unopened, I have been painting marines.  I have 6 bolter Initiates with arms glued on.  I didn't put the arms on them because I wanted to finish their chests before I cover them up. 

Tonight, I should be working on their pauldrons prior to attaching them.  I will shoot some pics of what I have.  I am hoping to get them done soon so I can begin working on the guns and highlights.  Since these were the marines wearing the tabards, I wanted to spend some extra time on them.  I think the rest will go by much quicker.

My hope is to be able to start the terminators early next month.  Then I would just have the vehicle work to do and be done with the crusade.  Who am I kidding your never done are you? 

After I have the army set for NOVA, I will start on finishing the bases for the Cryx.  I am dying to work on them.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Enjoying the hobby

In 2010, I started playing 40k at least once a month.  Playing with Todd (Sincan40k) was fun until I looked at his army versus mine on the field.  Perfectly painted models running across the board.  Mine were poorly painted and some weren't even primed.  I had model envy.

I picked up the Trygon model and put it together and wanted to paint it.  So I did.  I picked green carapace and tan-ish bone (this was before Beasts of War did the same color only better on video).  I thought it looked good and I was heart broken when the cheap sealer messed up the coloring. I started painting the rest of my nids.  I never finished them but I started.

In the weeks to follow, I became more and more engrossed in the hobby.  I picked up Codex: Space Marines last year and was going to make an army.  I did Ultramarines (I would also pick up Grey Knights and Dark Eldar but that is another story) and actually finished a 2000 point army with three colors.  Looking at them they aren't very good looking but they were done. I even used them at Blobs.

Faeit 212: Blog Spotlight

Been following this (Faeit 212) blog for some time.  The guy makes it easy for us to get some of the latest rumors without reading every friggin forum.  Nicely organized and updated multiple times a day.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Warhammer 40k: Happy 25th Anniversary

25 years ago Games Workshop came out with Rogue Trader.  I didn't pick it up for a few years later.  I think it was just a year or two before 2nd edition.  I loved the book.  I wouldn't start playing until 2nd edition came out.  I borrowed a friends Genestealer Cult army to play at Balticon.  It was a huge game.  We made modificatiosn to the rules as we went but it was fun.  I remember some of the players still to this day (Doug, Thom, Jason and Max).

Today was GW's party. There was no cake but there was stuff.  They sold a limited edition figure (which I bought) and a few other items.  I even played in their major battle.  It was an experience and one that I will probably not do for at least 5 years.  I did get the 25th anniversary pin.  That was worth dealing with the youth that was there. 

There was also a gentleman there who had a kick ass looking Dark Angels army.  Also the Imperium lost in turn 5.  Surprisingly, most of my forces survived.  The DA player was much more aggressive than I and I made sure the whipper snappers knew my threat bubble.  The Chaos and Tau players that had their transports wrecked in turn one had to hoof it the rest of the game or turned on other opponents. 

Friday, February 24, 2012

Mini-Review: Badger Renegade Velocity

I have been using this airbrush pretty much non-stop since the original unboxing. I started with the cheap Masters airbrush and I have to say that this is a noticeable improvement. I have heard plenty of people say that airbrush is actually secondary to a good air compressor when it comes to airbrush.  While I have to say that a better compressor is good, it is hard to fight with the results I have seen.

The Velocity is a gravity fed dual-action airbrush.  It comes standard with a .21 mm paint tip.  It has a fine thin line that flows evenly.  For paint, I typically use COM-ART.  It flows without adding anything, like flow-aid.

The grip is solid and has a nice heft.  I can see after prolonged use your hand might get tired but I use it 30 minutes at a time and don't have any issue. 

The one issue is the two fins that come off the tip.  Usually I like to clear a jam by covering the needle whole and running air through it to create a vacuum.  This makes it near impossible.

All in all, I have to say the this is product is well worth the money and a good investment.  It has helped me on numerous occasions and will remain in my arsenal. 

Monday, February 20, 2012

WIP: Captain Draco

I was lucky enough to have a friend have a limited edition Captain Draco from White Dwarf 333.

I took him out of the box and I will be replacing his backpack with an actual Black Templar backpack.  Why he and the EC both shipped didn't ship with them is beyond me.  I can assume that he was before the upgrade kits but the new EC isn't an excuse.  Gonna prime him up next warm day and start working on him. 

Chuck's Comics Results

Here are the final numbers:

1st Place Sean VP total - 32 (3 - 0)
Turn 1 Minor Victory VP - 10
Turn 2 Minor Victory VP - 5
Turn 3 Minor Victory VP -17

2nd Place Thom VP total - 30 (2-1)
Turn 1 Loss VP - 6
Turn 2 Minor Victory VP - 3
Turn 3 Massacre VP -21

3rd Place Herb VP total - 21 (1-2) - Won Sportsman Award
Turn 1 Minor Victory VP - 14
Turn 2 Loss VP - 3
Turn 3 Loss VP - 5

4th Place Josh VP total (0-3) - 18
Turn 1 Loss VP - 13
Turn 2 Loss VP - 3
Turn 3 Loss VP - 2

5th Place John VP total (0 - 3) - 11
Turn 1 Loss VP - 4
Turn 2 Loss VP - 2
Turn 3 Loss VP - 5

I went 3 and 0.  Started against Thom and his GK after our 6th player had to be a no show for the second event in a row but that is another matter.  Todd (from Sincain40k) ran the event and kept it pretty exciting.

My two pics....

This is when the game was called.  It is the section of the board that all the action happened. It was CSM.  Great guy but he held everything in reserve because I gave him the empty corner.  I lost one predator and one terminator squad. 

This is the end of round1.  It was DoW and I deployed nothing.  I brought everything in from the table edge.  His LR didn't move past that mark and not much made it past the Droppod location. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Chucks Comics: Round 2 CSM v BT

Close one but I won 4 to 2. In points, I am down by 2. Last match is against SW.

Chucks Comics Invitational: Round 1 BT vs GK

Played Thom. After a disastrous round 1 where he took initiative and immobilized most of my armor, I pulled out a 10 - 6 victory.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Confluence Crusade: Prepping for Chuck's Comics Invitational

Chuck's Comics is having a little six man three round match I like to call the "Chuck's Comics Invitational".  The guys at Chuck's is trying to get more gamers to come out.  I would advertise it with the 40k players in Beltway but the place has no room but they are still growing.

You can also say that with six people marines are represented.

Sean – Black Templar
Josh – Orks
Herb – Chaos Space Marines
Thom – Grey Knights
John – Space Wolves
Chris – Blood Angels

The way I see it I get to get out of the house and play three games and test my list.  I am running a gun line with a lot of missiles.  Todd from Sincain40k is running it and he is using some Ard' Boyz type scenarios.  I will post some of the games as it goes on. 

I have to proxy a few items.  My rhinos and one or two speeders will be from my Ultramarines army.  I have the terminators assembled.  I will use some temp bases for them.  My initiates are based but arm-less.  I hope I get my extra lascannon from Spikey Bits.They sent me 3 of 4 and mailed out the 4th a day ago.  Not that it will matter much.  As sad as my painting skills are, I think I may be the only one that put any effort into my minis but that is another story. 

Warmachine League: War-Torn Alliances - Trolls vs. Kjador

Yesterday was day one of the Warmachine/Hordes League at Dream Wizards.  I arrived later than I wanted and ended up pulling Charlie in a 1v1 match.  Since he ran Trolls and I run Khador, he wanted to do a team game but we didn't have enough available people to do one.

I want to thank Nate for lending me a tape measure since I left it in the case that holds "that OTHER game system".

We did one of the Gnarls scenarios.  Three objectives with one disappearing at the end of player two's turn.  Charlie won the roll off and went first.  I want to say this is my first time playing trolls and Charlie.  Charlie is a great guy and a big help but he eats, sleeps and breaths new ways to crush people.  Despite his half-hearted complaints at my deathstar, he has the advantage. 

Turn 1 - RUN.

Turn 2 - Fight.  The objective I didn't want to vanish did.  Leaving me basically screwed and down.  He engaged my WGI and they basically hold off everything. Saxon Orick charges a heavy and does some nice damage. 

Turn 3 - Charlie holds both objectives and gains 2 points.  I end the turn contesting the objectives.  One is contested by the Wardog who will die this turn.  The WGI are slowly killing the trolls in front of them but are pretty well tarpitted.  Spriggan is hit from behind and is destroyed.  Beast begins to wreck shop and takes out several models (including a WGI). Saxon is also killed.  :(

Turn 4 - Some more fighting but I can't reach the second objective and Charlie wins 3 - 0.

Better luck next time. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Warmachine: Dream Wizards War Torn Alliances League

Dream Wizards and Beltway Gamers will be starting the War Torn Alliances League tonight.

I plan on being there with my Kahdor.


Review: Battle Foam PACK 720

I ordered another bag to hold my 40k stuff.  You have to keep your game systems separated or you have one declare a Great Crusade and there is war and stuff.  I like to keep them as far as part as possible.  I went back to Battle Foam and was looking at the PACK AIR and the 720.

For the cost, the PACK AIR is probably a better buy.   It costs about $20 more for 6" more foam BUT also costs $15 more to ship due to it's size.  If I didn't already have the Privateer Press bag, I would have went this route BUT I went with the PACK 720.

I recently signed up for their message board at 40k Radio and for the membership costs ($25) you get 15% off of Battle Foam products.  I did this since I want to buy more foam for my armies.  The discount almost paid for it's self with this purchase.  If you want to buy from them and you don't want to wait for their Black Friday sale, this is a good deal.  Also, their message board is pretty cool.

The drawback is you have to call them to get the discount.  I called up and had a VERY helpful rep that was quick and made sure that I got everything I needed.  She ended by saying, "It's in stock and should ship soon."  This is great.  I did call and order four weeks prior to when I would like to have it.

This is where the main (and only) gripe begins.  They are slow.  Real slow.  That being said, they don't hide it.  Yes, the rep said shipping soon BUT their website says, "2 to 3 weeks for non-customized pieces.  3 to 4 weeks for customized pieces".  I didn't order anything custom.  It took three weeks to get my first bag but I assumed that was due to their sale.

It arrived three weeks on the nose. The reason I believe for the delay was TempleCon.  I ordered two weeks prior and they had my money.  Would I do the same thing in their shoes?  Yes.  They had my money and know their stock.  Worse case they sold out but probably expected to get some in the 2 - 3 week window.  It makes business sense. 

I can complain (and I am) about taking their sweet old time but they weren't being disingenuous about it.  It is in black and white. Yes, their new(er) infomercial says they have ready to ship but it's a commercial. The Dunkin Donuts near me says they have French Vanilla yet they never have any available when I order.  If they take the full allotted time to send out my package, it is their right.  Since this is the worse I can say about their company, they are doing a good job.  CURSE YOU FOR JUST BEING ON TIME!!!

On to the bag.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Confluence Crusade: Weekend Update Edition

Spent a lot of time painting and re-painting.  I started detailing my 20 marines.  I added some metal color but didn't like the way it looked and had to go back and repaint it.  I started working on airbrushing their pauldrons.  I will need a few coats but the yellow does come out the way I want it after two or three coats.

I added the yellow to one of my Predators.  I need to add another layer to the weapons and then add the metal.  I also need to paint the icons and add some dirt to the yellow.  I will have at least a mostly painted Predator for this weekends games at Chuck's Comics. 

Monday and Tuesday will be assembling my terminators and making my photo box.  I did manage to find enough missile racks for the terminators.  I will have two normal cyclone missile launches.  One of the typhoon missile launcher sets and a pair of missile racks from two drop pods.  They will be a motley crew but the will be loaded.   The photo box will hopefully allow me to take better photos than what I have been.  I will post some photos when the box is assembled.

Lastly, I spent time actually cleaning my paint area.  It is amazing just moving the paints actually freed up the bulk of my workspace. 

Friday, February 10, 2012

Confluence Crusade: To airbrush or not to airbrush

I have done some more work on my Black Templar army.  Finished airbrushing the weapons for the predators and finished the next highlight layer on the tabards for the 6 BT initiates.  I have to mask up the body of the predators to airbrush the tank itself. I also have a few teminators I need to get done.

The other issue is I have a mess of pauldrons taped to my priming box.  I can attach them to my guys then go through and layer the paint on it to get the color I want.  I can also break out the airbrush and add a base of yellow then add the yellow I have been using for the cloth to the pauldrons.  Part of me thinks that this time saving method will pay off in the end.  The other part of me thinks this is a short cut that won't buy me much.  I have to do a layer of white and then put the yellow.  The yellow is lighter then I want and will require me using a brush to get the proper yellow (mainly because I suck at thinning paint). Thoughts?

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Confluence Crusade: Status

I got a ton built over the last weekend.  Three Predators, 10 marines (ok they are armless right now) and started on 5 Terminators (missing power fists and Cyclone missile launchers).  I even got a game in (which I lost thanks to Ragnar the unstoppable).

Today, I decided to do some painting,  I didn't feel like really painting so I began to airbrush my Predator's weapons.  I got the white base coat and will be ready this weekend to add the yellow.  The army is starting to shape up.  Really impressed with the progress and how much fun it has been.  I really can't wait to see what I get done this weekend.

Monday, February 06, 2012

P3 Primer: When primer goes bad

Today was a beautiful 50+ degree day.  A perfect day to prime some minis.  After having some issues with the should pads, I was ready to prime my predators.  Sprayed one using P3 black primer.  It came out looking like crud.  My heart dropped and I was ready to kill.

P3 primer was my new go to since Army Painter (which has yet to fail me) was the most expensive next to GW.  It has failed me twice in recent days. 

I had a can of Painter's Touch flat black that I bought when  someone on one of the boards recommended it.  I decided to take it for a spin.  I have to say it worked great.  It did not go on like most primer I am use to and I have to actually paint it Chaos Black to make it look like the others but it worked pretty good.  Plus it is like 3 bucks a bottle.  I guess it is a win. 

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Warmachine: 25pt Butt Kickin

I went to DW and did some basing for the terrain building session.  If you go up there and want to bitch at someone for the poor job of placing sand, yell at me.

I got a 25pt match to help one of the guys prep for Templecon.  How hard is it to just throw a 25pt army together in 5 minutes.  Yeah...about that hard.  I was trounced by a very good Vlad player.  My normal strategies don't work when a lot of the pieces I rely on aren't there.  It was a very fun learning experience.

The reward for my work and my butt kicking?  My shipment from Miniature Market arrived.  1 dread, 2 predators, and a box of terminator.  The Dread is almost put together.  I am converting a sword from the Dreadknight to act as a CCW.  Pics tomorrow.