Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Road to NOVA: 1850?! The Mayans were Right!

Looks like Mike Brandt did it and dropped the points for the NOVA 40k GT and Invitational.  He chickened out and couldn't handle double FOC.  The world is over!

Actually, I am kinda mixed on it but not because I have a problem with the choice.  The reasoning behind the decision was sound.  I will let you all read it and have a look at it:

1850 Points – The NOVA will determine its final point level by the release of the final Primer and opening of ticket sales on February 1, 2013. The level here is kept high to ensure all codices can bring balanced all-comers style armies, without the game devolving too far into rock-paper-scissors (the NOVA doesn’t mind this style of play, found more frequently at smaller point levels, but does not choose to pursue it for its Open and Invitational tournaments. It is of equal merit that 1850 enables us to coincide the point values of the Open and Invitational, while leaving the well-received Narrative unique at 2000 Points and Double FOC. This level also preempts distracting internet chatter focused on arguments about the Rulebook-instituted 1999/2000 point separation between Single and Double Force Organization Charts. The NOVA’s use of 1999 for the 2012 Open was in part related to the simple fact that most of its attendees registered and built 2000 point armies long before the release of the new edition, and had very little time to make dramatic changes. Deciding on a point level for 2013 will be a more well-rounded decision-making process.
 It's not set in stone yet but my guess is we are looking at 1850 for this year.  As I stated, I am mixed.  More because I want to have as many toys as I can on the board.  Is that a reason to complain?  Hell no.  Will the move to 1850 stop me from going?  Nope.  I had a blast and really enjoyed myself.  Plus, I can play the Narrative to get my 2k fix.

I also noticed a few other things about the info provided:

  • Mystery Objectives - It makes sense and I like it.
  • Skyshield Landing Pad - It wasn't listed as a banned fortification.  Interesting.
  • Forgeworld - Maybe?  That could be interesting and starts to fall in like with Zero Comp tournaments
I have heard plenty of complaints.  I can say while I do feel people dropped each day when they weren't in contention it isn't the fault of NOVA crew.  People will do that.  There have been some complaints about the vendors not liking the way it was empty Saturday and Sunday night.  I have to say I think the vendor selection was small.  The smallest I have ever seen at a con.  Spiky Bits looked like the only one giving a discount.  GnS doesn't give discounts but they had a few specials and their store carries a lot and their a cool group of guys.  The Warstore sold me everything I bought from them at retail.  No reason to unload when I could wait and buy it online.  I actually wish there were more vendors but that will come.  

Truth be told.  I am looking forward to the events.  I like a lot of the changes and can't wait to play again.  Maybe win more than two games this year.  OK...I won't push it.  

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