Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hobby: Year in Review

This has been a great year for gaming.  I have done a lot and improved a lot in both my painting and game play.  There has also been a lot of change this year with all the games I play.

Forgeworld and Hospital Visits

 The two pics above show how my first Forgeworld purchase went.  I still haven't finished painting the Stormeagle but the knuckle is almost healed and the rules for the Stormeagle suck.  Maybe I will finish for an apocalypse game. 

I did manage to purchase a host of other Forgeworld products this year.  Some I have started on (Decimator) and others are still sitting packaged (Black Templar Shields).

I Want to Play Black Templar...No...Chaos...No...Marines...

I started out the year deciding on playing Templar for the year.  Then the allure of Chaos hit but I ended up finishing the year with my old Marine army.  I don't see my Army ADD subsiding this year but at least BT may get a White Dwarf codex.

I really like the CSM codex.  I think it is well written and is fun.  I did read a BoLS article today from Reeces and he raised a lot of good points about not being able to make a complete army because your missing something.   I look at it as maybe that is the way GW wants it.  Larger point games and by more stuff.  With NOVA being 1850, I can see it being difficult but with my army ADD I may not use Chaos there.



I played a lot of Warmachine and Hordes.  Had a blast too.  The community at Dream Wizards is great and fun to play with.  I wished I could have been more active in their winter league but things happen.  

New Games

Flames of War

I played a demo and got a free tank and rule book.  If there were a large group of players, I may be more interested but it was a fun game.


This is a fun game.  I plan on playing in the league this Winter.  The guys are pretty great and it should be pretty fun.  


This was a game that I thought I would like and I was right.  Only played one game but I bought the box set and plan to build an Empire army.  Need to start finding players though.  That and get the wife to allow me out more.  


I can say that the guys at Dream Wizards from Beltway gamers have been a blast and I think the community is growing.  I can't wait to see the next year...Speaking of next year!

Next Year

I am going to work more on improving all around.  I think the hobby aspect is coming along but I also think the competitive side is improving.  I am playing better players and holding my own.  Should be a fun year.

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