Sunday, December 09, 2012

Gaming: Something New

The past two weeks haven't been good for getting 40k games in.  I missed a game last week due to my opponent getting stuck at work and this week I didn't bring an army (more on that later).  I can say that I did play some games and had a blast.

Last week, I played a demo game of X-wing.  It is a starship combat miniature game.  No painting of miniatures.  Quick setup (Sort of).  Requires a fair amount of strategic thinking.  This is more in line of a chess match with lasers and torpedoes.  I played the Imperials and ended up winning the demo by doing the exact opposite my opponent suggested in the beginning.  He explained how many people fly formations and use that to beat the stronger X-wing. After my initial turn into my opponent I split off forcing him to target one or the other while keeping him in focus of one of my Tie fighters at all time.  I did lose one Tie due to a great roll and bad draw for a critical.  He unfortunately was not able to take out the Tie that was closing in on his aft side.  Great opponent and a very fun game.

This week I managed to get a practice learning game of Infinity. it quick and has a lot you can do.  After racking up an impressive kill count on my opponent's turns, his HMG tore through my lightly armored squad.  There are a lot of mechanics and the fact that the game is really 3D and uses every inch is very cool.  The league starts next month and I am hooked.

I also got a demo game of Flames of War.  Fun game.  Much like your typical strategy game but set in WWII with small guys.  Fun game against a great opponent.  Thanks to his help I was able to win.  Not sure I would get into it but he gave me the mini rule book and a tank.  I at least have some reading to do.

In actual 40k news, I bought Crusade of Fire.  Meh.  Neat idea but not worth the price.  I have also been working on my Slaanesh Lord to start testing my biker build.  Had many issues with it last night but I think I have the steed mounted and about done.  Just need to seal it after putting some details on.  Then I can complete the ride. 

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