Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays. May you get tons of new models!

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Warhammer 40k: Dark Angels

From Faeit 212:  Dark Angel's Pics

I really don't want another army but I have soooo many models for them already.  Bastards...

Saturday, December 15, 2012

12 Days of NOVA and boobies...

The NOVA Open team did a music video.  It's very bad but it looks like they had a lot of fun.  It's below:

 Here are some pics of my WIP of the Slaanesh Lord on his steed.  This is for Todd over at SincaiN40k.  He loves when I play with models that look like this.  I need to paint some of the gems and work on the bottom tale section.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hobby: Year in Review

This has been a great year for gaming.  I have done a lot and improved a lot in both my painting and game play.  There has also been a lot of change this year with all the games I play.

Forgeworld and Hospital Visits

 The two pics above show how my first Forgeworld purchase went.  I still haven't finished painting the Stormeagle but the knuckle is almost healed and the rules for the Stormeagle suck.  Maybe I will finish for an apocalypse game. 

I did manage to purchase a host of other Forgeworld products this year.  Some I have started on (Decimator) and others are still sitting packaged (Black Templar Shields).

I Want to Play Black Templar...No...Chaos...No...Marines...

I started out the year deciding on playing Templar for the year.  Then the allure of Chaos hit but I ended up finishing the year with my old Marine army.  I don't see my Army ADD subsiding this year but at least BT may get a White Dwarf codex.

I really like the CSM codex.  I think it is well written and is fun.  I did read a BoLS article today from Reeces and he raised a lot of good points about not being able to make a complete army because your missing something.   I look at it as maybe that is the way GW wants it.  Larger point games and by more stuff.  With NOVA being 1850, I can see it being difficult but with my army ADD I may not use Chaos there.



I played a lot of Warmachine and Hordes.  Had a blast too.  The community at Dream Wizards is great and fun to play with.  I wished I could have been more active in their winter league but things happen.  

New Games

Flames of War

I played a demo and got a free tank and rule book.  If there were a large group of players, I may be more interested but it was a fun game.


This is a fun game.  I plan on playing in the league this Winter.  The guys are pretty great and it should be pretty fun.  


This was a game that I thought I would like and I was right.  Only played one game but I bought the box set and plan to build an Empire army.  Need to start finding players though.  That and get the wife to allow me out more.  


I can say that the guys at Dream Wizards from Beltway gamers have been a blast and I think the community is growing.  I can't wait to see the next year...Speaking of next year!

Next Year

I am going to work more on improving all around.  I think the hobby aspect is coming along but I also think the competitive side is improving.  I am playing better players and holding my own.  Should be a fun year.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

WIP: Heldrake

I was going through my old saved posts that I started drafting and saw this.  This is the WIP of the Heldrake I have been using.  

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Gaming: Something New

The past two weeks haven't been good for getting 40k games in.  I missed a game last week due to my opponent getting stuck at work and this week I didn't bring an army (more on that later).  I can say that I did play some games and had a blast.

Last week, I played a demo game of X-wing.  It is a starship combat miniature game.  No painting of miniatures.  Quick setup (Sort of).  Requires a fair amount of strategic thinking.  This is more in line of a chess match with lasers and torpedoes.  I played the Imperials and ended up winning the demo by doing the exact opposite my opponent suggested in the beginning.  He explained how many people fly formations and use that to beat the stronger X-wing. After my initial turn into my opponent I split off forcing him to target one or the other while keeping him in focus of one of my Tie fighters at all time.  I did lose one Tie due to a great roll and bad draw for a critical.  He unfortunately was not able to take out the Tie that was closing in on his aft side.  Great opponent and a very fun game.

This week I managed to get a practice learning game of Infinity.  Wow...is it quick and has a lot you can do.  After racking up an impressive kill count on my opponent's turns, his HMG tore through my lightly armored squad.  There are a lot of mechanics and the fact that the game is really 3D and uses every inch is very cool.  The league starts next month and I am hooked.

I also got a demo game of Flames of War.  Fun game.  Much like your typical strategy game but set in WWII with small guys.  Fun game against a great opponent.  Thanks to his help I was able to win.  Not sure I would get into it but he gave me the mini rule book and a tank.  I at least have some reading to do.

In actual 40k news, I bought Crusade of Fire.  Meh.  Neat idea but not worth the price.  I have also been working on my Slaanesh Lord to start testing my biker build.  Had many issues with it last night but I think I have the steed mounted and about done.  Just need to seal it after putting some details on.  Then I can complete the ride. 

Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Road to NOVA: 1850?! The Mayans were Right!

Looks like Mike Brandt did it and dropped the points for the NOVA 40k GT and Invitational.  He chickened out and couldn't handle double FOC.  The world is over!

Actually, I am kinda mixed on it but not because I have a problem with the choice.  The reasoning behind the decision was sound.  I will let you all read it and have a look at it:

1850 Points – The NOVA will determine its final point level by the release of the final Primer and opening of ticket sales on February 1, 2013. The level here is kept high to ensure all codices can bring balanced all-comers style armies, without the game devolving too far into rock-paper-scissors (the NOVA doesn’t mind this style of play, found more frequently at smaller point levels, but does not choose to pursue it for its Open and Invitational tournaments. It is of equal merit that 1850 enables us to coincide the point values of the Open and Invitational, while leaving the well-received Narrative unique at 2000 Points and Double FOC. This level also preempts distracting internet chatter focused on arguments about the Rulebook-instituted 1999/2000 point separation between Single and Double Force Organization Charts. The NOVA’s use of 1999 for the 2012 Open was in part related to the simple fact that most of its attendees registered and built 2000 point armies long before the release of the new edition, and had very little time to make dramatic changes. Deciding on a point level for 2013 will be a more well-rounded decision-making process.
 It's not set in stone yet but my guess is we are looking at 1850 for this year.  As I stated, I am mixed.  More because I want to have as many toys as I can on the board.  Is that a reason to complain?  Hell no.  Will the move to 1850 stop me from going?  Nope.  I had a blast and really enjoyed myself.  Plus, I can play the Narrative to get my 2k fix.

I also noticed a few other things about the info provided:

  • Mystery Objectives - It makes sense and I like it.
  • Skyshield Landing Pad - It wasn't listed as a banned fortification.  Interesting.
  • Forgeworld - Maybe?  That could be interesting and starts to fall in like with Zero Comp tournaments
I have heard plenty of complaints.  I can say while I do feel people dropped each day when they weren't in contention it isn't the fault of NOVA crew.  People will do that.  There have been some complaints about the vendors not liking the way it was empty Saturday and Sunday night.  I have to say I think the vendor selection was small.  The smallest I have ever seen at a con.  Spiky Bits looked like the only one giving a discount.  GnS doesn't give discounts but they had a few specials and their store carries a lot and their a cool group of guys.  The Warstore sold me everything I bought from them at retail.  No reason to unload when I could wait and buy it online.  I actually wish there were more vendors but that will come.  

Truth be told.  I am looking forward to the events.  I like a lot of the changes and can't wait to play again.  Maybe win more than two games this year.  OK...I won't push it.