Monday, November 12, 2012

WIP: Maulerfiend and ponderings

After a horrible performance at the last BWG event, I am left retooling my list and a few strategies.  I think the list is solid but I need to play test with it some more (obviously).  I also don't know if mauler fiends are right for each list (duh).  I still think I will work with two main tournament lists: The Typhus Zombie horde list and a biker Slaanesh list.  I have a few ideas to run with for fun lists (Ahriman list, maybe).  I really like Chaos and the options.  I am hopeful that the new releases of Codex follow the same flow.

Now...onto some pictures of my Maulerfiend I am working on in tandem with my Heldrake.

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