Thursday, November 15, 2012

WIP: Alpha Legion Batch Painting

As I work on the Maulerfiends and Heldrake, I saw this on "From the Warp".  I wanted a quick and dirty way to paint my Alpha Legion without going through the same lining I am doing for the vehicles.  It's too time consuming and gets to be a pain after a while.

I decided to do a test batch of a simple CSM and a Aspiring Champion.  Below is a quick rundown of what is I have done.  The one thing you don't see is that I have used Army Painter Ultramarine primer.  I am going to buy a can of Army Painter Navy blue.  The reason for it is Navy Blue is darker.  Currently, I am spraying Model Air Blue on the model to darken it up.

The blue is used to darken.  Cobalt Green is the highlight I used.  
Here are the models after I used Vallejo grey primer.

This is after I hit them with Cobalt Green.

For a first batch, I have to say I like them.  Just need to work on what they will look like finished.

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