Monday, November 26, 2012

Don't Worry! Everything Gonna Be Alright!

I have spent the week in Jamaica with the family.  I will say one thing.  Spending the Thanksgiving Holiday on a tropical Island when the weather where I live in in the 40's is great.  I am sunburned, got drunk and jumped off a cliff.  I am missing gaming though.

I managed to get up on Black Friday and order some much needed Battle Foam.  I am very worried about taking any of my newer armies to the game shop on Wednesday since they are still in the painting stages and barely held together. I may just bring my tried and true Vulkan army.

I painting news. I am going to work on getting the Forgefiend done.  I tried to work with the Vallejo liquid gold and the issue I had was the paint didn't maintain consistency long enough to use with alcohol.  I need to keep working with it.  It looked good when it worked but the color quickly broke apart on the palate.  

More posts soon with pics..

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