Sunday, November 04, 2012

BWG Final Fight Tournament: The List

Here is what I have settled on bringing.  I can say I have very little experience with the list but I should, at least, be fun.

Typhus, Warlord

Sorcerer, MofN, Mastery Level x3, SofC, Spell Familiar

Plague Zombies x 35

Plague Zombies x 35

9 Chaos Space MarinesMofN, Plasma gun x2
Aspiring Champion, GofM, Melta Bombs, MofN, Plasma Pistol
Chaos Rhino

4 Plague Marines, Plasma gun x2
Plague Champion, Plasma Pistol
Chaos Rhino

Heldrake w/flamer

Heldrake w/flamer


Maulerfiend,  Lasher Tendrils

4 Havocs,  Autocannon x4
Aspiring Champion, GofM, Power Sword

Aegis Defence Lines, Quad-gun

The havocs stay with the gun and target flyers or anything that gets close. The maulerfiends are rushing forward looking for heavy armor (LRs) or terminators. The CSM and PM/Sorcerer look for easy objectives to go after. Typhus and a blob of Zombies walk across the board looking for an objective to go after or camp one of mine. If Typhus can use the destroyer hive on a blob, he will. The other zombies rest on my objective. The heldrakes come in to drop fire all over the place.

Pretty simple.

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