Monday, November 26, 2012

WIP: Slaanesh Lord

Taking a slight brake from the heldrake and maulerfiend.  What started as a quick prime a few models with the airbrush turned out to be start painting the Slaanesh lord I bought.  The process was pretty simple to lay down the base coat for the model.

I used Vallejo Surface Primer (Grey) and the hit areas on the armor with black.  I went light on areas close to the top and front.  Dark in the recesses.  Then I used Com-Art's Violet.  This gave it a deep purple that fades to black.  Pretty simple and didn't look bad.  Below are some quick pics.

Don't Worry! Everything Gonna Be Alright!

I have spent the week in Jamaica with the family.  I will say one thing.  Spending the Thanksgiving Holiday on a tropical Island when the weather where I live in in the 40's is great.  I am sunburned, got drunk and jumped off a cliff.  I am missing gaming though.

I managed to get up on Black Friday and order some much needed Battle Foam.  I am very worried about taking any of my newer armies to the game shop on Wednesday since they are still in the painting stages and barely held together. I may just bring my tried and true Vulkan army.

I painting news. I am going to work on getting the Forgefiend done.  I tried to work with the Vallejo liquid gold and the issue I had was the paint didn't maintain consistency long enough to use with alcohol.  I need to keep working with it.  It looked good when it worked but the color quickly broke apart on the palate.  

More posts soon with pics..

Thursday, November 15, 2012

WIP: Alpha Legion Batch Painting

As I work on the Maulerfiends and Heldrake, I saw this on "From the Warp".  I wanted a quick and dirty way to paint my Alpha Legion without going through the same lining I am doing for the vehicles.  It's too time consuming and gets to be a pain after a while.

I decided to do a test batch of a simple CSM and a Aspiring Champion.  Below is a quick rundown of what is I have done.  The one thing you don't see is that I have used Army Painter Ultramarine primer.  I am going to buy a can of Army Painter Navy blue.  The reason for it is Navy Blue is darker.  Currently, I am spraying Model Air Blue on the model to darken it up.

The blue is used to darken.  Cobalt Green is the highlight I used.  
Here are the models after I used Vallejo grey primer.

This is after I hit them with Cobalt Green.

For a first batch, I have to say I like them.  Just need to work on what they will look like finished.

Monday, November 12, 2012

WIP: Maulerfiend and ponderings

After a horrible performance at the last BWG event, I am left retooling my list and a few strategies.  I think the list is solid but I need to play test with it some more (obviously).  I also don't know if mauler fiends are right for each list (duh).  I still think I will work with two main tournament lists: The Typhus Zombie horde list and a biker Slaanesh list.  I have a few ideas to run with for fun lists (Ahriman list, maybe).  I really like Chaos and the options.  I am hopeful that the new releases of Codex follow the same flow.

Now...onto some pictures of my Maulerfiend I am working on in tandem with my Heldrake.

Sunday, November 04, 2012

BWG Final Fight Tournament: The List

Here is what I have settled on bringing.  I can say I have very little experience with the list but I should, at least, be fun.

Typhus, Warlord

Sorcerer, MofN, Mastery Level x3, SofC, Spell Familiar

Plague Zombies x 35

Plague Zombies x 35

9 Chaos Space MarinesMofN, Plasma gun x2
Aspiring Champion, GofM, Melta Bombs, MofN, Plasma Pistol
Chaos Rhino

4 Plague Marines, Plasma gun x2
Plague Champion, Plasma Pistol
Chaos Rhino

Heldrake w/flamer

Heldrake w/flamer


Maulerfiend,  Lasher Tendrils

4 Havocs,  Autocannon x4
Aspiring Champion, GofM, Power Sword

Aegis Defence Lines, Quad-gun

The havocs stay with the gun and target flyers or anything that gets close. The maulerfiends are rushing forward looking for heavy armor (LRs) or terminators. The CSM and PM/Sorcerer look for easy objectives to go after. Typhus and a blob of Zombies walk across the board looking for an objective to go after or camp one of mine. If Typhus can use the destroyer hive on a blob, he will. The other zombies rest on my objective. The heldrakes come in to drop fire all over the place.

Pretty simple.