Monday, October 01, 2012

WIP: Typhus

I am trying to get a bunch of items that need to have pigment done so I can get them all done in short order.  The Defiler is done and ready for pigment.  I decided to start on Typhus and the Decimator.  The Decimator is progressing.  Typhus went from primed to done in short order.

I think I got some wash on his base

I say "done" but I mean "acceptable".  I need to add a few more highlights, mess with the base, and then add the pigment before attaching the scythe.  When I am done with him, I will take some better pictures.  I can't wait to see him with 30 ghouls running across the board.

The base is part of the new Secret Weapon Bases called "Creeping Infection".  The have that "Nurgle" look.

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