Saturday, October 27, 2012

Typhus List

Here is a list I have been messing with.  It's a Typhus list but not the 210 zombie spam list.

Total Roster Cost: 1999


Sorcerer (Mark of Nurgle, Mastery Level 3, Sigil of Corruption, Spell Familiar)

34 Plague Zombies
1 Plague Zombie Champion

34 Plague Zombies
1 Plague Zombie Champion

18 Plague Zombies
1 Plague Zombie Champion

10 Chaos Space Marines, (Mark of Nurgle, Plasma gun, Plasma gun)
1 Aspiring Champion, (Mark of Nurgle, Plasma Pistol)
1 Chaos Rhino

4 Plague Marines, (Plasma Pistol, Plasma gun)
1 Plague Champion, (Plasma Pistol
1 Chaos Rhino

1 Heldrake, 170 pts (Baleflamer)

1 Heldrake, 170 pts (Baleflamer)

1 Maulerfiend, 125 pts

1 Maulerfiend, 135 pts = (2x Lasher Tendrils )

2 Obliterator, 152 pts ( Mark of Nurgle)

Typhus goes with large blob and foots up to an opponent objective or blob. Sorcerer goes with PM hunting hard targets. CSM looks for an objective or light armor. Second large blob and small blob sit on my objectives. Heldrakes look for infantry. Maulerfiends look for armor or targets of opportunity. Oblitz either get to high ground and blow stuff up or deepstrike in to make trouble late. Thoughts? How bad did I screw this attempt up?


  1. JohnX8:14 PM

    You're going to have trouble with fliers and your long ranged support is lacking. Two obliterators isn't much. Your Heldrakes may have some problems maneuvering around the board with all of the infantry you'd have clogging up the board, but this can be mitigated with smart movement choices. I also don't see why you'd choose a plasma pistol over a plasma gun.

    Other than that, it appears to be a solid list. It has a plenty of nasty units to cause problems for your opponent. I actually recently created a list similar to this one. I just use Autocannon Havocs and Vendetta allies instead.

    1. I will answer the easy question first. The plasma pistol v. plasma gun was my screw up with AB. Thanks for catching it.

      I thought about flyers. The main two I have to worry about is the Vendetta and the Stormeagle. Necrons can be a pain but in the times I have played against them it was easier to ignore them. My plan for this list was to do the same to all flyers. To hope that the fiends get into position early and be able to ignore them long enough. I admit it's a risk but I have to give it some thought.

      I have thought about AC Havocs. Strong unit with a big upside against all flyers. Vendettas are beasts against anything except large blobs. I may play around with the points to get the Havocs in there. I wasn't expecting to play this list at a tournament without playtesting it. Unfortunately, I have to tournaments back to back the next two weekends that I will be going in without trying these lists. I appreciate the feedback and will post how it went.