Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chaos: FAQ and What I have been working on.

Last night, the new FAQ came out.  It was short and sweet.  The big thing was Typhus can now have a zombie swarm with him.  This is pretty big but was expected.  I ordered the Corporation models and some ghouls from Mantic to add with the 30 zombies I already own from them.  That should put me at close to 100 if Mantic's math is right.  Not bad at a cost of a buck a model.

I did get one game in with the Codex versus Necrons.  I lost 4 - 7 on Crusade but learned a lot.  I didn't play a real optimize list.  I wanted to use the Fortress of Redemption and it worked OK.  Stormlord made the missiles useless in round one but made it work in the further rounds.  I have a Typhus list I plan on using next weekend.  Not a 210 zombie list.  Something more balanced and trying out a few builds before tournament season starts.

The models that I have played with have been cool. Forgefiends are solid but I am not sold on them.  Heldrake is money.  I think you need two with flamers. They are perfect anti-infantry.  I want to try the maulerfiends.  I wasn't sold on them but I think they are good anti-tank with the PFs at Str10 and 12 movement that ignores terrain is what makes them.  Take out troops holding objectives.  5++ save is nice too.

I plan on doing a Typhus Zombie horde list at some point.  Supplement it with anti-tank and it should be just annoying enough to work.  The other list I plan on working on is a Emperor's Children list.  Bikers and Noise marines.   Too far off on the parts for it.  Christmas time.

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