Saturday, October 27, 2012

Typhus List

Here is a list I have been messing with.  It's a Typhus list but not the 210 zombie spam list.

Total Roster Cost: 1999


Sorcerer (Mark of Nurgle, Mastery Level 3, Sigil of Corruption, Spell Familiar)

34 Plague Zombies
1 Plague Zombie Champion

34 Plague Zombies
1 Plague Zombie Champion

18 Plague Zombies
1 Plague Zombie Champion

10 Chaos Space Marines, (Mark of Nurgle, Plasma gun, Plasma gun)
1 Aspiring Champion, (Mark of Nurgle, Plasma Pistol)
1 Chaos Rhino

4 Plague Marines, (Plasma Pistol, Plasma gun)
1 Plague Champion, (Plasma Pistol
1 Chaos Rhino

1 Heldrake, 170 pts (Baleflamer)

1 Heldrake, 170 pts (Baleflamer)

1 Maulerfiend, 125 pts

1 Maulerfiend, 135 pts = (2x Lasher Tendrils )

2 Obliterator, 152 pts ( Mark of Nurgle)

Typhus goes with large blob and foots up to an opponent objective or blob. Sorcerer goes with PM hunting hard targets. CSM looks for an objective or light armor. Second large blob and small blob sit on my objectives. Heldrakes look for infantry. Maulerfiends look for armor or targets of opportunity. Oblitz either get to high ground and blow stuff up or deepstrike in to make trouble late. Thoughts? How bad did I screw this attempt up?

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


The Final Fight Team Tournament is a yearly Beltway Gamer Tournament that has teams of two play two different game systems, 40k and WFB.  Each system is matched up and the scores are combined to move ahead.  The idea is great and really innovative.  The issue is we have a glut of 40k players and limited amount of WFB players. The TOs opened it up to teams of 40k/40k with the WFB players getting paired and the 40k getting paired.  The did the math and worked out that no one will play the same player in three rounds.

That brings me to where I am at today.  The tournament is Nov 4th and I managed to get a great Eldar player as a partner.  He happens to be the only great Eldar player I know that isn't home with a new born (Sorry, SincainN40k and Congrats).  The issue I had is I am on a fixed income.  My wife fixes my income and allows me to spend a fixed amount.  I didn't plan on making any purchases till after the new year.  I like to have a nice reserve of cash for emergencies (i.e. new video games) and I tapped that out.  I ordered Black Ops 2 and Halo 4.  Then GW dropped the new FAQ for Chaos and I needed to start buying zombies (I have about 100 Mantic Zombies/Ghouls/Corp minis shipping this week).  Then I decide to jump on this opportunity. Woe is me...

I know enough of my belly aching.  What am I looking at?

I really want to field two armies and see how they work.  The first is 210 zombies.  Not having enough zombies that is out.  The other is a biker list.  I don't have any bikes and my favorite place won't get them in for two weeks.  So what am I doing?  I am doing a modified zombie list.  I needed another Heldrake so I ordered that and a bunch of the other junk I need for painting and the lord for my biker army (Gotta prep).

I am going to try to test the list out this weekend but I need to work on models.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Chaos: FAQ and What I have been working on.

Last night, the new FAQ came out.  It was short and sweet.  The big thing was Typhus can now have a zombie swarm with him.  This is pretty big but was expected.  I ordered the Corporation models and some ghouls from Mantic to add with the 30 zombies I already own from them.  That should put me at close to 100 if Mantic's math is right.  Not bad at a cost of a buck a model.

I did get one game in with the Codex versus Necrons.  I lost 4 - 7 on Crusade but learned a lot.  I didn't play a real optimize list.  I wanted to use the Fortress of Redemption and it worked OK.  Stormlord made the missiles useless in round one but made it work in the further rounds.  I have a Typhus list I plan on using next weekend.  Not a 210 zombie list.  Something more balanced and trying out a few builds before tournament season starts.

The models that I have played with have been cool. Forgefiends are solid but I am not sold on them.  Heldrake is money.  I think you need two with flamers. They are perfect anti-infantry.  I want to try the maulerfiends.  I wasn't sold on them but I think they are good anti-tank with the PFs at Str10 and 12 movement that ignores terrain is what makes them.  Take out troops holding objectives.  5++ save is nice too.

I plan on doing a Typhus Zombie horde list at some point.  Supplement it with anti-tank and it should be just annoying enough to work.  The other list I plan on working on is a Emperor's Children list.  Bikers and Noise marines.   Too far off on the parts for it.  Christmas time.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Decimator Engine Base

Between everything else I have been working on, I have started working on the Decimator Engine.  It's still in pieces but the paint is coming along nicely.  I am at the point that I need to attach the legs to the base.  In order to do that I need to finish the feet and the base.  Well, here is the base.

It uses the Creeping Infection bases from Secret Weapon miniatures.

The feet are almost ready.  I want to add some rust and damage to the feet, legs, and hips.  They are ready for that and hopefully will be put together tomorrow.   I like the model and want to get it done.  That and the fact that I have a whole host of other models that need to be done.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Review: Secret Weapon Miniatures Asian Garden Bases

When I saw these I said, "They look pretty but I would never use them."  Here I am several months removed with 10 of them.  I picked them up for my Yu Jing faction for Infinity.  I have to say that they will look really good with these models.

The bases come in several different designs; All sand, all bamboo, a combination of both and, of course, sand and rocks.  The two above were my test batch.  I like the way that they come out and I think they really go well with the Asian theme of the faction.

 The above shot shows off some of the variety of the small bases.  Good look and pretty easy to make table ready.  I have to say it's another hit in my book.

Saturday, October 06, 2012

Chaos Space Marines: The Eye has Opened

The book that has "unofficially" been released as few days ago is now officially released.  Besides being in hardback, it is available on iTunes for the same price as retail.  I purchased the iBooks version for two reasons, one is I hate carrying books around.  I also find the iBooks just as easy to find stuff as the paper and it gets updated with FAQs and you can touch a rule to get the description or jump to the stat page.

PDFs are nice but I actually find the scan versions horrible for me to read.  The other issue is a few local tournaments require a legit copy.  I think this is good because you have to assure that the document is tampered with and you are at an establishment that sells the books.  Tampering isn't that easy to do effectively but it happens.

I have to say I will do a more formal write up in a few days but I can say I really like the codex.  There are a few nice builds and I plan to make a couple fun lists for the fluff of it and a tournament list.  I have also read some different interpretations of some of the rules.  The big one is Typhus and Zombies.  Typhus clearly says you can't purchase options with his zombies.  Some groups say that means wargear even though additional cultists are listed under options.  While I love the idea of flooding the board with more zombies than you can shake a stick at, most groups are saying RAW.  I hope it gets FAQ'd.  Friendly games are fine but you should check with your TO before putting time and effort into making 210 zombies to find out you can only field 60.

There are lots of neat options available for most of the army.  There are a few nice buys and a few meh.  The one thing I hate is 1k Sons still being Slow and Purposeful.  This is pretty bad for the points.  Chaos Lords rock with their options and bikes are a good price.  I think that the army will provide enough variety that people will be able to get the most out of this dex for a long time.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Typhus is ready for reaping

Typhus is done with just one joint I forgot to add a wash to.  Just in time for a cultist horde of zombies.

Secret Weapon Miniatures October Live Blog

I forgot to post this when he announced it but here is the taped version.  It is all about airbrushes.

Monday, October 01, 2012

WIP: Typhus

I am trying to get a bunch of items that need to have pigment done so I can get them all done in short order.  The Defiler is done and ready for pigment.  I decided to start on Typhus and the Decimator.  The Decimator is progressing.  Typhus went from primed to done in short order.

I think I got some wash on his base

I say "done" but I mean "acceptable".  I need to add a few more highlights, mess with the base, and then add the pigment before attaching the scythe.  When I am done with him, I will take some better pictures.  I can't wait to see him with 30 ghouls running across the board.

The base is part of the new Secret Weapon Bases called "Creeping Infection".  The have that "Nurgle" look.