Friday, September 14, 2012

WIP: Nurgle Defiler

My newest WIP is a Nurgle Defiler.  I took a some ideas from the August White Dwarf (Daemon Issue) where they showed a Nurgle Soul Grinder.  I decided to do it with my defiler.

I used Liquid Green Stuff to fill in the open spaces in the armor.

Two leg plates.  One with boils or tumors and one  with dead tissue.

I used Com-Art Raw umber on the top plate but have switched to GW Dryad Brown.  The cover of the gun used  GW Death World Forest as the base and then a wash in Athonian Camoshade.  Highlights are done with GW Nugling Green and Screaming Skull .

He is done exactly as the above face.

This was done with GW Castellan Green and a wash Athonian Camoshade.  I then dry brushed it Nurgling Green

 I will post more as I get done with it.  Having a lot of fun on this project.

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