Sunday, September 02, 2012

Road to NOVA: The End

Still recovering from NOVA but I have to say I had a blast.  Not sure about how the bracketing was set.  I went 1 and 3 for bracketing but my opponents all said that they were 2-2.  The only think I can think of was my third round opponent didn't show and they gave me the win before pairing me up with another opponent.  I guess I will find out when the final points are scored.  I was in every game except for my 4th.  It was a Necron list and it had me on the ropes but it was not a wipe.

I played 3 GK, 1 DE (sub since our opponents were no shows), 1 Necron and 1 IG.  I won my last game of each day.  The first day I was able to table my opponent who was a great guy. My last opponent for the GT was a 6 vendetta IG player that should have won but the game ended on turn 5.  It was quarters and fast attack were scoring.  Objectives were secondary and KP was third.  In the end, we split quarters.  I held three objectives to two but her crushed me in KP.  Luckily, it didn't get that far.  Great opponent.

Unofficial scoring is 2 and 4.  I will break down a little more in a day or so and show you the crappy list I built.

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