Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: Electronic White Dwarf

This weekend I decided to give the electronic version of the new White Dwarf a look.  The first thing that jumped out at me was the price.  Paper is $10 and the electronic is $8.  I have to applaud GW on this.  Bravo and keep it up.  I also like the fact that it was released the same day as the paper.  Please do this with Codex: Chaos Space Marine!

 The book opens with a few instructions which explain the electronic features.  They have an icon that lets you know what pictures can be enlarged and which can be rotated. They have an icon for product info and one that let's you purchase the items.

The pictures look great but not all of them are zoomable.  That is a drag but the majority all.  The rotatable pics are ok but you can't zoom into those.  That is a bit of a let down but you can't do that on the website.  I guess it's the same.

The format of the magazine has improved but I still get a feeling that I am buying a catalog.  They have added a ton more painting guides but these are more color and not techniques.  I wish for more from these but I have to say the ideas are nice.  I wish I had the rust guide prior to starting the defiler.

The battle reports were nice but I was never a big fan of the ones from WD.  They never take optimized lists and they do some bone headed moves.  I just like looking at the pictures here.

They had an Army on Parade section and that was pretty cool.  I love looking at other people's work.  They also added sections for Forge World, Black Library and Specialist Games.  These are nice and I can't wait to see more from these. 

There were a few crashes with the app and that is a bit of a annoyance but nothing to keep me from recommending it.

All in all, I have to say I like the changes.  It's still like a catalog but I felt less like I just wasted my money this time around.  I can say that I will most likely pick up all the issues I want in this format.  I think everyone should give the new WD a try.  Be it on paper or electronic.  The changes are promising. 

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