Monday, September 10, 2012

Hobby Update: Chaos Rising

Been working at clearing off my hobby bench of at least my Chaos figures that I started.  I have also been building a Defiler using some of the techniques from the Daemons issue of White Dwarf.  I can say that the work has been really good.  The dreads for my Alpha Legion and Black Legion are nearing completion and the work on the Defiler is promising.

Below are some of the status updates on my models.

The Dreads we bought off eBay and I was shipped the head from the Emperor's Children Dread with the Alpha Legion but they did send a bunch of weapons to make up for the screw up.

All I have left is to finish and attach the weapons I picked from Forge World at Games Day Chicago and they will be done.

In tandem, I am working on the Defiler.  I added liquid green stuff in order to give the appearance of rotting skin and decay.  It will be a Nurgle Defiler after all.  The main reason behind it was to do the same thing for the Decimator since the Nurgle version gets a ton of pluses.  After cleaning the Decimator parts though, I think I will use the same color scheme but not the same technique.  

 I got some new Secret Weapon Bases.  I hate maggots but man are these perfect for Nurgle.

Lastly,  Looks like DW will be starting their WM football league next week.  I am rushing to get the Deathjack and a few other pieces together before the weekend.

A lot of work and Chaos coming out in a few weeks?  Nice.

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