Friday, September 21, 2012

Hobby Update: Chaos in the air

Looking at the pics floating around of the latest WD and I have to say I am impressed about some of the pieces and meh about a few others but I am really excited about getting a new Codex and models.  It is times like this that I get really excited for the hobby side of things.

I have been plugging away at my Nurgle themed Defiler.  I had some issue priming the rest of the bottom half and part of the torso.  For some reason, two of my three airbrushes decided they didn't want to spray or spray poorly.  I managed to fix them and get them back into working order.  Everything I need to have primed is primed and the base coat has been laid down.  I also took today's nice weather to prime Typhus.

I managed to finish the Black Legion Dreadnought I have been working on and get the final missile launcher base coated for the Alpha Legion Dread.  I should have that done by this weekend. I have to say that whatever FW used for the missile launchers has made using the airbrush on them a pain in the arse (even after cleaning them). 

While Warhammer 40k has been my primary focus, it has not been the only thing.  I have purchased a Infinity Yu Jing starter set and some Secret Weapon Bases to set them in.  Dream Wizards is having a league in November and I plan on getting a game or two in to test it out.

I wish I could get some more done on my Deathjack but he has two right feet.  No joke.  They shipped me two right legs and I have to wait for the rest to arrive. I did get him primed to work on him.   

Tomorrow will be when new WD drops and the flood gates will start to open for Chaos.  I can't wait.  More to come this weekend.

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