Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Review: Electronic White Dwarf

This weekend I decided to give the electronic version of the new White Dwarf a look.  The first thing that jumped out at me was the price.  Paper is $10 and the electronic is $8.  I have to applaud GW on this.  Bravo and keep it up.  I also like the fact that it was released the same day as the paper.  Please do this with Codex: Chaos Space Marine!

 The book opens with a few instructions which explain the electronic features.  They have an icon that lets you know what pictures can be enlarged and which can be rotated. They have an icon for product info and one that let's you purchase the items.

The pictures look great but not all of them are zoomable.  That is a drag but the majority all.  The rotatable pics are ok but you can't zoom into those.  That is a bit of a let down but you can't do that on the website.  I guess it's the same.

The format of the magazine has improved but I still get a feeling that I am buying a catalog.  They have added a ton more painting guides but these are more color and not techniques.  I wish for more from these but I have to say the ideas are nice.  I wish I had the rust guide prior to starting the defiler.

The battle reports were nice but I was never a big fan of the ones from WD.  They never take optimized lists and they do some bone headed moves.  I just like looking at the pictures here.

They had an Army on Parade section and that was pretty cool.  I love looking at other people's work.  They also added sections for Forge World, Black Library and Specialist Games.  These are nice and I can't wait to see more from these. 

There were a few crashes with the app and that is a bit of a annoyance but nothing to keep me from recommending it.

All in all, I have to say I like the changes.  It's still like a catalog but I felt less like I just wasted my money this time around.  I can say that I will most likely pick up all the issues I want in this format.  I think everyone should give the new WD a try.  Be it on paper or electronic.  The changes are promising. 

Friday, September 21, 2012

Hobby Update: Chaos in the air

Looking at the pics floating around of the latest WD and I have to say I am impressed about some of the pieces and meh about a few others but I am really excited about getting a new Codex and models.  It is times like this that I get really excited for the hobby side of things.

I have been plugging away at my Nurgle themed Defiler.  I had some issue priming the rest of the bottom half and part of the torso.  For some reason, two of my three airbrushes decided they didn't want to spray or spray poorly.  I managed to fix them and get them back into working order.  Everything I need to have primed is primed and the base coat has been laid down.  I also took today's nice weather to prime Typhus.

I managed to finish the Black Legion Dreadnought I have been working on and get the final missile launcher base coated for the Alpha Legion Dread.  I should have that done by this weekend. I have to say that whatever FW used for the missile launchers has made using the airbrush on them a pain in the arse (even after cleaning them). 

While Warhammer 40k has been my primary focus, it has not been the only thing.  I have purchased a Infinity Yu Jing starter set and some Secret Weapon Bases to set them in.  Dream Wizards is having a league in November and I plan on getting a game or two in to test it out.

I wish I could get some more done on my Deathjack but he has two right feet.  No joke.  They shipped me two right legs and I have to wait for the rest to arrive. I did get him primed to work on him.   

Tomorrow will be when new WD drops and the flood gates will start to open for Chaos.  I can't wait.  More to come this weekend.

Friday, September 14, 2012

WIP: Nurgle Defiler

My newest WIP is a Nurgle Defiler.  I took a some ideas from the August White Dwarf (Daemon Issue) where they showed a Nurgle Soul Grinder.  I decided to do it with my defiler.

I used Liquid Green Stuff to fill in the open spaces in the armor.

Two leg plates.  One with boils or tumors and one  with dead tissue.

I used Com-Art Raw umber on the top plate but have switched to GW Dryad Brown.  The cover of the gun used  GW Death World Forest as the base and then a wash in Athonian Camoshade.  Highlights are done with GW Nugling Green and Screaming Skull .

He is done exactly as the above face.

This was done with GW Castellan Green and a wash Athonian Camoshade.  I then dry brushed it Nurgling Green

 I will post more as I get done with it.  Having a lot of fun on this project.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Hobby Update: Chaos Rising

Been working at clearing off my hobby bench of at least my Chaos figures that I started.  I have also been building a Defiler using some of the techniques from the Daemons issue of White Dwarf.  I can say that the work has been really good.  The dreads for my Alpha Legion and Black Legion are nearing completion and the work on the Defiler is promising.

Below are some of the status updates on my models.

Friday, September 07, 2012

Hobby News: Ask Mr. Justin

Hey Everyone,
There will be a live "ask misterjustin" broadcast on Monday, 10-Sept. from 4-6 PM Pacific (GMT-8).  Check out the SWM blog (http://blog.secretweaponminiatures.com).  This one will deal with pigments, other techniques and of course questions from the audience.

I suggest you attend if you can.  I have learned a lot watching his videos and this is a chance for you to ask questions yourself.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Review: Games Workshop Dark Vengence Paint Guide

This is a very simple review for a very simple product.  It is nice and I love how you can scroll through the pictures for each stage.  That being said it is for beginners that don't mind that nothing is actually explained.  I looked at several of the pictures and wondered where they actually used a color on. This app needs a side by side view to show you how the model changed with the color selection or may just some text explaining what they did.

After looking at sites like this,  you would be stupid spending $10 on this.  It's neat but for something that use to be included, you would assume that they would actually include it with the box (still) or make it worth the cost.  Like a real "how to".  I learned more from the $10 I spent on the daemon issue of WD about painting then I did from something I bought just to paint.  The paint quality is also very basic. Which I think it is what they were shooting for but they look nothing like some of the pics included in the sample images within the app. 

My recommendation is either look at sites like Tale of Painters and skip the paint guide from GW.  At a buck, it is well worth it.  For $10, you can buy more paint.  I recommend you do that.  I am still a few weeks away from starting to crack open my box set but sites like Tale of Painters will probably have a lot of "how to" articles for the cost of nothing.  Just look around.

Monday, September 03, 2012

NOVA: After Action

First, I would like to thank Mike Brandt (and the NOVA staff) for throwing a great event.  Mike made sure to walk by every table the first day and talk to everyone at least once.  The judges didn't just guess on the rules.  They would pull in others if they didn't know.  Every judge was friendly.

This wasn't an optimized list.  It was a list that I had everything painted for.  I will say that it held it's own and I was happy with the performance.  Six dreads would have been better but I would have lost some mobility with the Preds. 

HQ: Master of the Forge (5#, 190 pts)
   1 Master of the Forge, 135 pts = (base cost 100 + Power Axe 15) + Conversion Beamer 20
      4 Servitor Unit, 0 pts

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 210 pts)
   9 Tactical Squad, 152 pts = 9 * 16 (base cost 16) + Meltagun 5 + Sergeant 26
      1 Sergeant, 23 pts
      1 Rhino, 35 pts

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 210 pts)
   9 Tactical Squad, 152 pts = 9 * 16 (base cost 16) + Meltagun 5 + Sergeant 26
      1 Sergeant, 23 pts
      1 Rhino, 35 pts

Troops: Tactical Squad (11#, 210 pts)
   9 Tactical Squad, 152 pts = 9 * 16 (base cost 16) + Meltagun 5 + Sergeant 26
      1 Sergeant, 23 pts
      1 Rhino, 35 pts

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Dreadnought, 125 pts = (base cost 105 + Twin-Linked Autocannon 10 + Twin-Linked Autocannon 10)

Elite: Dreadnought (1#, 125 pts)
   1 Dreadnought, 125 pts = (base cost 105 + Twin-Linked Autocannon 10 + Twin-Linked Autocannon 10)

Fast Attack: Storm Talon Gunship (1#, 130 pts)
   1 Storm Talon Gunship, 130 pts

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 85 pts)
   1 Predator, 85 pts = (base cost 60 + Heavy Bolter (each side) 25)

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 85 pts)
   1 Predator, 85 pts = (base cost 60 + Heavy Bolter (each side) 25)

Heavy Support: Predator (1#, 85 pts)
   1 Predator, 85 pts = (base cost 60 + Heavy Bolter (each side) 25)

HQ: Company Command Squad (6#, 115 pts)
   4 Company Command Squad (HQ) [Guard], 54 pts = 4 * 6 (base cost 6) + Vox Caster 5 + Meltagun x1 10 + Plasma gun x1 15
      1 Company Commander [Guard], 31 pts = (base cost 26 + Melta Bombs 5)
      1 Astropath [Guard], 30 pts

Troops: Veteran Squad (11#, 170 pts)
   9 Veteran Squad (Troops) [Guard], 93 pts = 9 * 7 (base cost 7) + Vox Caster 5 + Meltagun x1 10 + Plasma gun x1 15
      1 Veteran Sergeant [Guard], 22 pts = (base cost 7 + Power Fist 15)
      1 Chimera [Guard], 55 pts

Fast Attack: Vendetta Gunship Squadron (2#, 260 pts)
   1 Vendetta Gunship Squadron (Fast) [Guard], 0 pts
      1 Vendetta [Guard], 130 pts
      1 Vendetta [Guard], 130 pts

My opponents were great to play against.  All were friendly.  Only one was a little jumpy and questioned a few things but he was very respectful and apologized for asking questions.  I am sure that there were some D*bags but luckily I didn't get any.

Round 1 (Loss) - Grey Knights (Troy Esposito/Dark Star): Let me say that anyone who hands you their army list and it looks like they are submitting a final report to you means business.  He also had a beard that should have forced him to play Space Wolves.  He had a two Stormraven list with Crowe and purifiers.  I killed Crowe before he could do anything but he had an excellent round three of shooting and had me on the ropes from then out.  I took a lot of what my opponent did into other games.  Troy was also an Invitational player and I was happy that he didn't table me and I was at least in the game.  He gave me lots of pointers and made me feel at ease.

Round 2 (Win) - Grey Knights (Timothy Cox):  I felt so bad for this guy.  He had bad die roll after bad die roll.  He not only had a deep strike mishap that moved what would have wrecked my night clear across the other side of the world.  He also watched as his troops inside of his Stormraven die because of a lucky shot from my IG.   My list was made to fight this type of list.  I managed to table him (which I felt bad about) in turn 5.  The main reason why I felt bad was because he was asking about Beltway Gamers and I just killed his last squad.  Not a nice way to convince someone to try out a gaming club.  Luckily, Nate was there to be the PR for Beltway and make everything seem OK.  His list a Grand Master and Corteaz list.

Round 3 (Loss after first opponent was a no show) - Dark Eldar/Eldar Allies (Deryk Clark): He was a fill in after our first opponents ditched.  I am not sure if we got the forfeit win and then they used this for scoring or what.  It was a fun game.  He managed to do a lot of damage before I could get into the game.  I will say that it was a fun match and he explained what I did wrong (after the match).  I went after his farseer and should have went for the troops.  He was running a Baron list with a Farseer, a Razorwing, and an Aegis Defence line with quad gun.

Round 4 (Loss) - Necrons (Michael Andrews):  Any guy who spends the match drinking a bottle of Captain Morgan straight gets my vote for best drunk.  He was a nice guy and fun to play against.  He also had the best line of the con.  When MVB said he reordered some tables away from the vents he said, "We moved you to make you less comfortable".  He had a Necron Overlord/Illuminor Szeras with one Night Scythe list.  My mistake here was that I went for the vehicles and should have taken out his troops first.  It was a fin game but I really hate Necrons.

Round 5 (Loss) - Grey Knights (??? some guy that plays at G&S):  I forgot this guys name (sorry).  He had a few questions in the beginning about combat squads and rhinos and one on charging but was a great opponent.  Who was upset when I told him his Stormravens had Ceremite plating.  I think he lost a game due to meltas.  This was a two Stormraven and a Grand Master list.  I can say that this was the second time that the Grand Master died without doing much.  This guy also gave me two good suggestions.  Go to ground with my vets next time and use the Aegis Defence Line to provide cover for my gun line.

Round 6 (Win) - IG (Gareth Hebbron): Any Englishman that doesn't beat you for calling him Australian and smiles after losing a game he was winning with ease deserves to be voted best opponent.  This game was vindication from my Blobs park loss.  The one where I won the game but loss because I moved off an objective.  The match was table quarters with fast attack counting as scoring.  He also had 6 vendettas.  He had two large blob squads and two manticores.  He won this game up until turn 5.  We both held two quarters and I held three objectives.  He pounded me for kill points but it didn't get down to that.  I won because he rolled a two for the match to continue.  He was a great opponent.

That is it for NOVA.  I can not wait until next year.  I will be going back.

Sunday, September 02, 2012

Road to NOVA: The End

Still recovering from NOVA but I have to say I had a blast.  Not sure about how the bracketing was set.  I went 1 and 3 for bracketing but my opponents all said that they were 2-2.  The only think I can think of was my third round opponent didn't show and they gave me the win before pairing me up with another opponent.  I guess I will find out when the final points are scored.  I was in every game except for my 4th.  It was a Necron list and it had me on the ropes but it was not a wipe.

I played 3 GK, 1 DE (sub since our opponents were no shows), 1 Necron and 1 IG.  I won my last game of each day.  The first day I was able to table my opponent who was a great guy. My last opponent for the GT was a 6 vendetta IG player that should have won but the game ended on turn 5.  It was quarters and fast attack were scoring.  Objectives were secondary and KP was third.  In the end, we split quarters.  I held three objectives to two but her crushed me in KP.  Luckily, it didn't get that far.  Great opponent.

Unofficial scoring is 2 and 4.  I will break down a little more in a day or so and show you the crappy list I built.