Thursday, August 30, 2012

Road to NOVA: Target Locked

Tomorrow is round one.  I got everything I needed to do done.  I am finishing packing up my army and snacks.  I managed to make some felt wreck markers for my vehicles.  Look crappy but it beats paper and you can't beat the sixty cents plus tax price.

I got the TLAC arms primed and added some wash.  They look like a rush job but they are done.  The one issue I need to finish up is the AOBR dread is designed to not old the arms properly.  That is a problem.  They work on the standard dread just not the cheap one.

I want to say that the TLAC arms from Forge Planet look pretty decent for the cost.  They also feel pretty sturdy.  I will buy a few more for my other dreads.

Well...good luck to all that are attending NOVA.  My you roll sixes.  Unless it's your leadership or psychic test.  Or you playing against me.  If you play against me, I want you to fail.

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