Monday, August 06, 2012

Road to NOVA: Progress!

Well, last week was my birthday and anniversary.  My lovely wife bought me the Fortress of Redemption and there was cake.  I also managed to make some decisions with what I am taking to NOVA.

Since I have less than a month before the big dance and no new book for CMS, I am going with vanilla marines and IG ally.  I have most of the models painted and it is the easiest to get done and be as competitive as I can.

I ordered what I needed from Miniature Market and will probably need to pick up a squad of marines to make up the missing meltas and missile launchers.  I see the one thing that I will probably need to skimp on is the details on the vehicles.  I will meet the minimum requirement for painting of three colors but I don't think most of the vehicles will be done to the degree that I want them to be.

As far as progress goes, I think I made a break through this weekend.  I started adding more colors to the flight stands from Secret Weapon Miniatures.  I have the HQ and troops for my IG at a point where I can actually say I am almost done.  I made some mistakes but I think they will be decent.  I have the Vendettas assembled including the upgrade kits.  I am missing the pilots and a few minor parts but nothing major.

My goal is to start testing out my list this weekend coming up.  I got a 1500 point game versus my friend and his Grey Knights last night.  The small list I had worked great.  The Vendettas and Vindicators were money.  Against a small army like GK, I was worried about KP denial and it was a kill point game.  I managed to get first blood and then stormed through for the win.  Flyers are the way to go for the near turn.  Having two was critical.  I think three might be the sweet spot.

I close with some of the pics from my IG.  Gonna work on them tonight and try to move forward on them before my order arrives Thursday.


  1. If there isn't some sort of FAQ before NOVA that gives everyone with missile launchers the option for FLakk missiles, there are going to be tons of flyers.

    1. Rumor has it we will see an FAQ just after NOVA that adds balance. You have some options. Fortifications are one way to go. The other is use your own or get an ally. I plan to run three flyers. Two vendettas for anti-flyer and a Stormtalon for general anti-troop.