Sunday, August 12, 2012

Road to NOVA: Getting Closer and Some Random Hobby News

All models are built with the exception of 2 IG (a plas and melta) and the rest of my SM tact squad.  I also managed to almost prime every model I needed to.  It was a very productive day considering I was rather slack.

The Stormtalon was probably the easiest model (not including infantry) I have put together in a long time.  If this is the way that GW will continue to make their stuff, I look forward to the new CSM if they hit next month.  The directions were straight forward and looked like it was designed so you could prime the cockpit one color while you prime the body another.  I am not a big fan of the all clear plastic canopy that doesn't come with framing bits.  Mainly, because I suck at painting the edges properly.

Looks like I will be taking some piece with me to my business trip in a week.  While camping out in the hotel, I can get some painting done and be ready for the big dance.  I ordered some Autocannon arms and I am hoping they arrive by the time I return from my trip so I can paint them up.  I know that probably isn't the wisest but I really need some rifleman-dreads.

BoK has released their second rumor explosion.  Faeit 212 has the it listed as well.  I am excited about the prospects and I am cautiously optimistic on it coming out next month. I guess we will know in two weeks.  I did originally plan to run CSM at Blobs.  My guess is they will allow it but I won't have enough done in time. Next year.

I also want to say that I plan to get back into the swing of posting what I am working on starting after Nova. That is part of the reason why I plan on keeping the same basic list for Blobs.  That way I can start on Chaos and finish a few Warmachine pieces I have had on the shelf.

Thanks and hopefully I can meet many of you at NOVA and/or Blobs.

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