Monday, August 27, 2012

Road to NOVA: The End is Nigh!

After spending a week in Atlanta for work, I returned to the dungeon and immediately worked on clearing my bench.  Was I successful?  Nope.  I based my Black Legion Dread and painted the base for the Decimator.  I then spent the weekend playing Guildwars 2 (good game), drafting fantasy football, and playing a 1500 point game.

The 1500 point game was to get a friend (and me) use to the rules and to test out some new strategies with my list.  While I am not happy with the MotF w/ conversion beamer, it is here to stay.  I really need to field 6 dreads to make it useful.  I have the dreads but need to buy the arms.  I also won't have them painted in time.  The splitting up of marine squads is pretty nice.  I think having a melta team and an assault team worked nicely.

I have at least one 2k game set for Wednesday.  I am not prepared for the NOVA rules and will probably fail miserably.  I also need to work on remembering the IG rules better.  I keep screwing up orders but that is what happens when you add an army you don't know at the last minute.

As for painting, I am done.  Or I should say just about done.  I have the three color minimum on everything.  The IG are actually looking really good.  I have 4 that need some wash applied.  My vendetta are finished.  I added the pigment on them and sealed everything.  I am not a 100% happy because I rushed through them.  I also ordered a third to complete my ally squadron.  I could do some actual highlighting on the MotF but he is done for what I want to do with him.

There are a few variables that need to be worked in.  I have a feeling that my TLAC arms will not arrive before Wednesday.   If they aren't in my possession by Wednesday night, I need to swap them out.  Kinda late in the game but something needs to happen.  I will work on a back up list tomorrow as a stop gap.

I can say I am excited and can't wait to go.  It should be pretty fun.  I will try to post some batreps from the games the first two days and an after-action report.  See you all at NOVA!

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