Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Road to NOVA: End Game

It has been a wild ride to NOVA.  Tomorrow I pick up my packet, swag bags (VIP and normal) from NOVA.  Then Friday is the big dance.  I don't expect to go far in the tournament.  I will probably drop my first two games and be playing in the loser bracket.  Maybe getting lucky and having to play in the toilet bowl on Sunday for best of the worse.  Although I think there is no end to my sucking and that is a fantasy. 

The past few months have been fun.  I started making a Black Templar army.  I didn't get it fully painted but did do a nice job getting everything started.  I like the concept I came up with for their theme.  They used yellow in place of white to honor Dorn.

Then came news of 6th edition.  I then decided to go with Chaos only to have the unknown and my laziness delay me too long to get the list painted in time.  I then flipped to my only painted army, Ultramarines. 

In my desire to make a competitive list, I went and ordered some autocannon arms from Forge Planet to make Dakkadreads.  They then changed their delivery date to the day of NOVA.  I then needed a backup plan.

So I made my backup list and was prepping for the worse and then the Post Office tried to deliver my Autocannons but it required a signature.  No one was home so they will delivered it today.  I will paint it tomorrow night.  It shouldn't be too hard since it's 4 arms and I plan on using boltgun, silver and white.  Then through some wash on it. 

That brings me back to today.  I am really excited about this weekend.  Hope to see a lot of cool armies and get my arse kicked by them. 

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