Saturday, August 18, 2012

Road to NOVA: Almost There

Ahriman looks on approvingly.

I can say that I am almost there.  Waiting on two sets of autocannon but everything else is here and built.  I have pretty much finished up my servitors and astropath.  I few highlights on each and some parchment work but I am trying to do all the parchment work at once. 

I am hoping to have all of my infantry done by Saturday night when I pack it in my army carrier.  I mean the three color minimum.  With a game on Sunday and a trip next week, I really need to be working on just the vehicle touch ups the following week.  I won't have much time at the convention on the evenings to paint and need to all I can get done ahead of time while maintaining a happy home life (Happy Wife/Happy Life).

I have to also admit that I have been somewhat sloppy on the marines and the Stormtalon.  I will either touch the Stormtalon up or make my screw ups into battle damage.  The MotF doesn't look half that bad so far.  He isn't the greatest but part of that has to be the fact that he is finecast and it is a beotch.  It also doesn't help that I rushed through him.  The astropath though looks better than I have hoped. He just seemed to fall into place.

I can tell you I have a mix of nervouseness and excitement.  This will be my first real tournament since Blobs and Blobs doesn't really compare.  I am going up Thursday after work to pick up my badge and give it a look see. I also plan on arriving early Friday to hit the dealer room and maybe get a few deals.  I will guess I will make one of the lower teirs and then get crushed.  My guess is I will go 2-4 if I am luckily but in reality I think I will go 1-5. 

All this excitement and I left out the fact that it looks like we will see the starter and CSM codex beginning of September.  Just in time to start working on all of my new stuff.  :)


  1. I like the dude in the red robe. What model is that? Looks like a Warhammer Fantasy model...if not it would make a good conversion.

    1. That is the IG Astropath model. You can't see it from the pictures but his eyes are removed.