Sunday, August 12, 2012

Hobby Update: I guess it rains a lot in Cadia?

The 666th is Imperial Guard is prepping for their debut at NOVA.  They will be allying with the Ultramarines in order to usher in a new era.  Unfortunately, they differ on what is good for the universe.  The 666th is my traitor guard ally force.  Due to procrastination, I was not able to paint my CSM in time because I kept putting off buying the needed pieces in order to wait for the CMS codex that won't drop for a few weeks (or months).  That has led me to team up with the army that I have pretty much finished.

I can say that I have been having a lot of fun with them.  I have been trying new things with them.  This is my first attempt at using pigments.  I want to give them the look of someone that has given in to the ruinous powers of Chaos and it's taint is with them.  On the flight stand, you can see that the manhole cover is rusted and oxidized.

I used a combination of Secret Weapon Miniatures and MIG pigments.  I was given the MIG from an uncle that does WWII tanks.  I like it but I think that the SWM edged them out in the running.  Both were easy to use and I had fun with them.  Below is a Chimera that I worked on today.

I have to paint the scrolls and search lamp then attach the treads but it is pretty much done.

I also worked on the astropath.  I decided to do the robes in red to make him look more sinister.

That's all for now.  I can say that the pigments were much easier than I thought.  I wish I would have tried them a long time ago.

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